If you are scoring at home, the Lakers have apparently officially acquired Dwight Howard while giving up Andrew Bynum but NOT Pau Gasol. That means the Lakers can field a starting five, if the choose, that looks like this next year (from biggest to smallest):

Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace/Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash.

All five of those players have appeared in at least one All-Star game. All but Artest/World Peace have appeared in at least four. Combined, they have made 33 All-Star games.

Despite the relief that is having this Howard situation finally resolved, we can't help but wonder now: despite the likability of some of the Lakers (Gasol, Nash and even Howard when he's not making us hate him off the court), do the Lakers vault ahead of the Heat as the Public Enemy No. 1 of NBA fans when it comes to the venom directed at concocted SuperTeams?

We'll guess no, since the Lakers (despite Howard's charade) haven't gone about this assembly in as grotesque a way as the Heat did. But we'll leave that open to debate in the comments as we weep openly while remembering that no matter what the Wolves have done this offseason, they will never be among the league's chosen elite in this flawed system.

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