The Twins added Kendrys Morales to their roster three weeks ago. At the time, Minnesota was playing pretty good baseball and making bold statements about perhaps challenging for a playoff spot. Why not us? That was the message that was sold.

But it wasn’t really a message most rational fans believed. Rather, the hope all along this season has been for 2014 to be a bridge to the future. The Twins needed to win 75-80 games and return to competence. They have played most of the year as though that is possible, this latest tailspin notwithstanding.

Contention? That will come if and when Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano arrive and dominate the middle of the order while Alex Meyer and Trevor May join the rotation. That means 2015, at least in a meaningful way, at the earliest.

It seems now as though there is some debate among Twins folks as to whether they will be buyers or sellers at the July non-waiver deadline. We hope this is just PR phrasing because, again, the answer is pretty simple: the Twins are sellers. Even the most optimistic among us can’t imagine Minnesota overtaking the Tigers, let alone all three of the other teams currently above the Twins in the Central.

They should sell veteran pitching like Kevin Correia. They should move Josh Willingham if there is decent return. Same for Morales, who looked all along that he could be a two-month rental instead of a four-month rental. Don’t gut the team because respectability is still important.

But buyers or sellers? The Twins are the latter.

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