Do not confuse this with a scoop, a report or even a particularly #HotSportsTake.

We base this primarily off of nothing more than intuition and today's news conference announcing Rick Adelman will no longer coach the Wolves.

But it is our belief that the next coach of the Timberwolves will be Flip Saunders.

It is our sense that Flip really wants to coach this team. It is instructive that when asked about it today, Flip didn't rule it out. It's hard to imagine a high-profile outsider taking a look at the Wolves' roster, with Kevin Love possibly gone after a year or even traded this summer, and think of it as a great situation. It's also hard to imagine the Wolves taking a chance on an up-and-comer if they do keep Love around because that would mean they are dedicated to trying to win immediately.

Enter Flip. He's already here. He has a track record. It just makes sense.

Our guess is that nothing happens until after the NBA finals in early June. Sometime in the few weeks between then and the NBA draft, the Wolves make announcement that Flip will add "coach" to a job description that already includes team president.

Maybe we're wrong. Maybe a college coach like Fred Hoiberg will make the leap. But our gut right now is telling us the most successful coach in franchise history will also be the next coach in franchise history.

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