Unless our ears weren't functioning properly, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said on today's FSN pregame show (quote from last night, actually) that Michael Cuddyer is the team MVP. The direct, full quote:

"Not enough gets said about Michael Cuddyer. He's probably our MVP right now because he's had to pick up Morny and everybody else in the infield everywhere else. He doesn't get a lot of credit but from the manager, I can tell you how much I appreciate it."

While there's no doubt Cuddyer's ability to fill in at first, second and third base (aside from his regular OF gig) has been helpful, we can think of at least a few other Twins who get the MVP nod over a guy hitting .279 with 48 RBI. Gardy was probably just tipping his cap more than really naming his MVP, but still ... let's talk about Carl Pavano, Delmon Young, Morneau, Joe Mauer ... etc. ... before we get to Cuddy.

That said, it's office baseball time. The Twins are going for a sweep in a big way. The rules:

*If you think of any other team MVP candidates, shout them out.

*If Brian Duensing continues to solidify the rotation, start to feel optimistic again?

*If the Twins top double-digits in runs again, fax your pitching resume to Kansas City.

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