Yes, that's him (AP photo)

Yes, that's him (AP photo)

Mickey Rourke has had a good comeback; he was grizzled and scary in the Wrestler, and scary and grizzled in “Iron Man 2,” and now he’s a trumpet player in something that sounds like a very bad movie, Passion Play. It has Megan Fox as an angel. Complete with wings. Who works in a circus. Maybe it’s a metaphor! Anyway, the movie is supposed to be horrible except for Bill Murray, but that won’t kill Rourke’s career. He’s got that special kind of momemtum: Moammar-mentum!
Didn’t take long for the son of Moammar Gadhafi to run into some notorious gangsters – and Mickey Rourke -- on his way to Hollywood. Natural Selection, the production house financed in part by $100 million of Saadi Gadhafi’s money, has finalized a deal to produce “The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer,” with Rourke attached to star.

Remember when the Libyans were the go-to guys for scary fanatical terrorists? Think “Back to the Future,” where Doc Brown double-crosses the Libyans and they come after him with RPGs in a J. C. Penneys lot. No one thought they’d be financing mobster flicks 25 years later. Makes you wonder if North Korea will be picking up Oscars in 2035 for financing the "Justin Bieber Story," complete with his tragic self-funded attempt to land on Mars in 2022. 

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