Just when I was finalizing my latest post for the Star Tribune, I received a news alert via e-mail which made  me scrap my post and write a new one: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is hinting at another run for president in 2016.

In an interview with RealClearPolitics, Bachmann said the words most political observers thought they wouldn't be reading about Bachmann, when she said "there’s a chance I could run" for president again.

Bachmann entered the race for president in the summer of 2011, winning the Ames Straw Poll in August. But her campaign lost momentum and she withdrew from the race in January 2012. 

After winning her 2012 campaign for Congress in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District by just 4,296 votes over Democrat Jim Graves, Bachmann decided to not seek re-election this year. 

For the first time in six years, Bachmann's name will not be appearing on a general election ballot. But don't fear, as Minnesota and the rest of America may be seeing her name again soon, but this time in another bid for the White House. 

God Bless America. 

UPDATE: In a post on her Facebook page from earlier today, Congresswoman Bachmann is now downplaying the statements she made yesterday about a run for president in 2016:

The reporter’s underlying premise was that no woman would run for President on the Republican ticket in 2016, and if that would hurt the Republican Party. I disagreed with that premise.

My main point in the interview was that the media has failed to consider that there are a number of strong, accomplished, intelligent Republican women who could be in the mix for 2016.

Is there still a chance she runs? You betcha!

Picture source: Office of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann