Now he starts scoring

Eric Nystrom, traded from the Wild to Dallas early in the season for future considerations (nothing) so the Wild could get out from the last two years of his contract worth $2.8 million and so the Stars could get above the salary-cap floor, has scored a career-high 12 goals, all at even strength.

Last season, Nystrom scored four goals, including one empty-net goal in the first 57 games, and was a team-worst minus-16.

He doesn't shoot, but he scores

Carolina's Cam Ward became the 10th goalie in NHL history to be credited with a goal when he was the last Hurricane to touch a puck before Ilya Kovalchuk's errant pass ended up in New Jersey's empty net.

Devils goalie Martin Brodeur has scored two goals -- the second, like Ward's, when an opponent shot a puck into his own net. In that game, the Flyers would later score to make it 3-2, meaning Brodeur got the game-winner.

"I never noticed until I saw the [score] sheet and it said: GWG," Brodeur said, before adding jokingly, "I'm not saying I let that second goal in on purpose. But..."

A big risk, but a big reward?

Edmonton forward Ales Hemsky, a free agent next summer, almost certainly will be traded by the Feb. 27 trade deadline, but what would a team give up for a guy with 11 points, who has had surgeries on both shoulders and who has played in 92 of the past 200 games?

He certainly seems injury prone.

"It's more you guys [in the media] saying it," Hemsky bristled. "I haven't heard that from any teams. It's you people writing it or the people with blogs."