Let's try this again...

The NBA announced today that the Wolves are going back to Mexico City. They'll do so with a Nov. 12 regular-season game against Houston, 11 months after their December game against San Antonio last season was postponed when smoke filled the arena 90 minutes before game time.

And yes, the Wolves once again are designated the "home team," even though the Rockets comparatively are just a short flight away from Mexico City.

Good thing Rick Adelman retired.

He lamented more than once how his team gave up one of its 41 home games to play the mighty Spurs in a place far away.

Maybe the Wolves can bring him back as a guest coach for just one night,

When the Wolves agreed to play the Spurs, the NBA guaranteed them a $750,000 payday to do so, so you can be sure money -- and perhaps the chance to go back to Mexico City and make it right for disappointed fans there -- played its role this time, too.

The rest of the Wolves' regular-season schedule will be announced in late July or early August.

The Wolves-Rockets is one of the NBA's two "Global Games" set for the regular season next year: Milwaukee will play New York in London on Jan. 15.

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