1Everyone’s a newcomer: Seven schools joined together to create the conference in the spring of 2013, led by Chaska and Chanhassen, which left the now-disbanded Missota. Both Bloomington schools transferred from the South Suburban while Richfield came from the Classic Suburban. Cooper and St. Louis Park came from the now-defunct North Suburban.


2No place to go: The last to join was Benilde-St. Margaret’s, whose application to join had been denied (it also couldn’t get accepted by two other conferences). That left it to the Minnesota State High School League to decide on a conference based on enrollment, geography, conference structure and comparable programs. Other Metro West schools presented data on students who speak English as a second language and get free and reduced lunch to suggest the Red Knights belonged elsewhere. But the league put them in the conference.


3 Built-in rivalries: Despite its novelty, the conference has some established rivalries. Chaska and Chanhassen are just 4 miles apart and have competed for the Jug since Chanhassen opened in 2009. Bloomington Jefferson and Bloomington Kennedy are just 3 miles apart and longtime foes. St. Louis Park and Benilde St.-Margaret’s are just 2 miles apart.