1/23 VCNC Inc. Multiple investors VCNC, a mobile applications and Web services provider, Seoul, South Korea has received $3 million in funding from investors that include St. Paul-based Stonebridge Capital Advisors.
1/23 Solegear Bioplastics Inc. Best Buy Capital Best Buy Capital, a venture capital unit of Best Buy Co., Vancouver, B.C. Richfield has made an investment in Solegear Bioplastics, a manufacturer of bioplastic products.
1/24 iPenMD product iMedicor iMedicor has acquired iPenMD, a Web-based electronic Nanuet, N.Y. health records application that utilizes a digital pen, from Plymouth-based JTJ Capital.
1/24 Comfortaire Corp. Select Comfort Corp. Select Comfort has acquired a manufacturer of Greenville, S.C. Plymouth adjustable air-supported sleep systems.