Memorial Day weekend had a lot of people in the Otter Tail Lake area enjoying the beautiful weather and great fishing!  Lake temps are now 58 to 64 degrees.  A lot of fish were caught this weekend in depths from 6 to 30 feet. 

Leeches and crawlers are beginning to turn on fish as well as shiner or fathead minnows.  A Lindy Rig set up at a slow troll is a very effective presentation.  Another good method is the jig and minnow.

Maynard Jigs are very popular in our area and come in an assortment of colors.  Maynard Jigs are Minnesota made, and have a mustard hook with a keeper so you can also use artificial bait with them if you'd like.  The jigs come in 1/16th ounce increments from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce sizes.  Ken's Tackle has colors and sizes available for you that work best in our area lakes.

Practice catch and release, or just keep what you can eat to help the population!

For more information, contact Gary at or 218-495-2895. 

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