Next week is spring break. Maybe some of the Gophers have out-of-town plans. They played Friday like they did.

They looked slow, disorganized and emotionless in the first period. The shot chart shows four Gophers shots on goal. One by D-man Brian Schack from 130 feet away. Yes, he was in the Minnesota defensive end.

Another was by D-man Cade Fairchild from neutral ice, mabe 65 feet out, just behind the blue line.

Jordan Schroeder had a power play shot from 40-feet just behind the right circle and Josh Birkhold had a 40-footer from the right point. That's it.

Did anyone think Nick Larson was tripped on his turnover by Danny Kristo? Sure looked like he might have  been,  but didn't hear a word on it after game.

The Gophers attempted only 17 shots in first period, not one from the slot closer than 40-45 feet. Seven of the Gophers' shots were blocked, six sailed wide or high.

This was an old-fashioned butt-whipping. Reminded me of the Gophers' season opener, a 4-0 loss at the Ralph.

I wonder how many underclassmen will leave early after this season? It was a frustrating year. A big turnover -- in personnel, not on the ice -- might not be so bad.

Looks like Don Lucia is planning on bringing in about 10 new players already. Maybe new blood can provide the missing ingredient on this team.

But first there is at least one more game to play. The Gophers need some good things to happen early, maybe they can score a goal or two. Then they can win Saturday. If North Dakota gets an early two, three goal lead, this team doesn't have any comeback drive in it. It just loses almost all the time.