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The Great Minnesota Get Together

last updated June 30, 2014

We publish a dozen targeted special interest sections (some have multiple editions) a year. Given a multiple choice of all of them, I'm pretty sure you could pick out which of the twelve is the best read and looked forward to the most. You guessed it, the State Fair Guide. As I'm writing this, we are approaching the official start of Summer and I'm looking out my office window at another down pour of rain. By the time you're reading this it may be past the 4th of July so you can't get mad at me for writing about the Great Minnesota Get Together and the Great Guide we produce covering everything at it on Sunday, August 17th. 

Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about the 12-day event, will be covered in our Guide. Any new food items that can stay on a stick until it gets into your mouth will be covered as well as a day-by-day calendar of music, special events, exhibits and new innovations. The guide also includes a comprehensive map of the grounds. You'll never be lost at the Fair if you've got our map in hand.

We also have a special State Fair edition of running on Thursday, August 21st and our digital section includes video and daily updates. My question to you: Why wouldn't you want to be part of the State Fair Guide? Commitment date is July 30th with ad materials due on July 31st; final changes due August 6th with distribution in the Sunday Star Tribune August 17th.

If your account exec hasn't gotten hold of you yet, give me a shout. We'll make sure you're taken care of. See you in the State Fair Guide and see you at the Fair.

Pearls of Wisdom: Mario Andretti said... "If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough."



Deepen Customer Knowledge

last updated June 30, 2014

Unlock the true potential of your customer data with Market & Customer Analytics from Star Tribune. With information and insights from these data-driven services, you can deepen customer and prospect knowledge to drive new opportunities and attract more business. 

Fuel sales growth with extensive analysis of your customers and market opportunities. Star Tribune can help you identify new opportunities that go beyond advertising, setting you up for greater business success. Our team of data experts provides the analysis and helps you navigate the numbers by distilling the information into solutions for reaching prospects, customers and your business goals. 

We help you answer the important questions: 

  • Who are my best and most profitable customers? 
  • What are their demographic, socio-economic and psychographic characteristics? 
  • What does my trade area really look like? 
  • Where can I find prospective customers and how can I reach them? 
  • And, more. 

Get the knowledge you need to understand your customers, your prospects and the untapped opportunities up ahead. 

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FREE Webcast: Christmas In July

last updated June 30, 2014

Join us Wednesday, July 30, 11 a.m. to noon CDT for a free webcast to help you ring up stronger holiday sales. Discover the latest consumer trends, get traffic-boosting strategies for online and in-store, and more. 

Sign up for "Christmas in July" to learn:

  • How shopping behavior has changed and what you can do about it
  • Strategic recommendations for omni-channel promotions -- including taking advantage of print, online, mobile, social, instant retargeting, in-depth personalization and more
  • Exclusive Star Tribune promotional opportunities for increasing holiday sales and traffic in 2014 and beyond
  • How to "think bigger" about the holiday season - when it start, when it ends

To keep you on top of the latest advertising trends and best practices, Star Tribune is now offering a number of learning opportunities to help grow your business and reach more customers. What do you want to know? Is there a topic or subject you'd like us to explore? Contact your Star Tribune representative and share your thoughts. 

Email Ondrea Stachel now to register for the Christmas In July event.


Connect to Customers Through Content

last updated June 30, 2014

What if you could align your business with relevant, well-crafted information that directly addresses your customers' interests and passions? Our sponsored content opportunities provide a variety of ways to do just that. 

Both digitally and in print, Star Tribune allows you to support your customers' quest for knowledge through sponsorship of articles, video segments, featured pages and special sections. Whether sponsoring exclusive adjacencies to our award-winning reporting or developing a unique content package created by your own subject matter experts then reviewed and approved by our editorial team, we help you inform customers on the topics that matter most to them. 

With a legacy of journalistic excellence and numerous industry awards, including four Pulitzer Prizes, Star Tribune is the news and information source customers know and trust. Positioning your brand to customers through one of our sponsored content channels demonstrates your appreciation of responsible journalism and showcases your interest in keeping customers knowledgeable and informed. 

To discuss a sponsored content opportunity for digital or print, contact: Todd Molldrem, 612.673.4232


More In Store: Wisdom for Retailers

last updated June 30, 2014

As a retailer, do you know how to exploit your advantage over Amazon? If you attended the first Midwest Retail Strategies Conference in May, you do. Discover the issues and topics examined during this one-day event presented by Star Tribune. 

Tapping the collective wisdom of visionary retail and advertising leaders, subject matter experts and trend-watchers, this full-day, idea exchange provided forecasts, insider perspectives and strategic guidance for retail industry professionals. 

Designed to help retailers elevate their businesses, More In Store: Midwest Retail Strategies Conference presented demographic trends for Minnesota's coming decade, showed how mobile can help measure customer experiences in real-time, and featured an in-depth exploration of digital media that identified best practices for targeting, tracking, activation and engagement. Retailers also learned how search engine marketing can be highly effective for driving offline sales. The key? A strong online presence for brick and mortar locations that guides consumers in search-mode straight to a store's door, seamlessly transforming online seekers into on-site customers. 

Keynote presenter, Lee Peterson of WD Partners, engrossed the 150+ attendees with his retailing expertise and powerful illustrations of how to beat Amazon, not at their own game, but by doing what Amazon can't. His valuable insights and professional guidance outlined strategic ways to create social, open, and captivating retail environments that leverage personal interactions and connections to keep customers engaged and coming back for more. 

The event concluded with a roundtable discussion and robust Q&A on data security with panelists including a FBI Cybercrimes Special Agent, a crisis management specialist, and a senior fellow at the Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota. 

Fueled by thought-provoking opportunities from Star Tribune or looking for insights on a business-building topic? Contact your account executive today. 



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