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Are You Local?

last updated November 6, 2013

Every year, looks to discover the best new local band. Are You Local? is a homegrown talent search that showcases the best of the Minnesota music scene with the top three finalists performing in a popular Twin Cities club, and the winning band securing a slot at the coveted SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. 

For advertisers looking to reach local music lovers, Are You Local? provides a unique sponsorship opportunity, offering prime positioning across multiple channels. With a wide variety of consumer touch points and deep exposure to an entertainment-focused demographic, Are You Local? is another way helps businesses reach more customers without missing a beat. 

For your backstage pass to this great opportunity, contact your account executive now. 


Blanket Your Market

last updated November 5, 2013

With more than 140 winters under our belt, no wonder Star Tribune blankets Minnesota better than anyone. Whether you're marketing to a defined, target audience or need mass market coverage this season, see how Star Tribune delivers "Saturation Made Simple."

Star Tribune reaches more households than any Minnesota media brand. We offer diverse and unduplicated products that go far beyond the daily newspaper. Each week, Star Tribune, StribExpress and Twin Cities Values reach more than 1,400,000 readers. We also run Minnesota's #1 website, with more than 7 million unique visitors logging on to each month. And specialty brands like and The Good Life reach 100,000 more every month. By reaching more audiences in more ways, we bring you more potential customers for just pennies per household.

To saturate your market, contact: Joe Allen, 612.673.4232


Reach an Audience of Active Home Buyers

last updated November 5, 2013

Homes Magazine is the ideal environment to showcase properties and home-related products and services. Over 40,000 copies per month are distributed across 1,000 high-traffic metro locations. To get in front of an audience of active home buyers now, contact: Steve Engelhart, 612.673.4950


Smart Planning

last updated November 5, 2013

Ring in more sales for 2014 by mapping out a yearlong plan that reaches target audiences at key times. 

A comprehensive approach to your 2014 advertising calendar can help you achieve your sales objectives for the upcoming year. Take time now to review 2013's numbers: were there lag periods that would have benefited from greater exposure to potential customers? What business initiatives are you planning for 2014 and how will you support them through advertising?

As you map out a strategic advertising plan, be sure to evaluate new channels to enhance your efforts. Consider digital solutions or sponsorships to complement your typical campaigns. If you'd like help evaluating your options, let us know. Putting your advertising calendar together now will keep you on track and ensure you're proactively reaching valued customers and new audiences throughout the year.

Need an introduction? If you don't have a Star Tribune representative already, contact: Mike Maslow, 612.673.4106


Hard-Working Recruitment Advertising

last updated November 5, 2013

Often, a company's best employment candidates aren't currently looking for a new job. While the most qualified, active job seekers are rigorously vetting companies in search of an ideal fit. How do you reach and appeal to both?

The quest for top talent starts with effective recruitment advertising. Communicating the value of your employer brand, along with your open positions, is the first step. The next step is placing your advertising in channels that reach both active and passive job seekers. 

With visits from more than 116,000 unique job seekers each month, features many solutions to help you attract the right candidates. Working with a dedicated Star Tribune representative, you'll receive one-on-one guidance on the best solutions for you, whether you need to hire one employee or dozens. From a daily job alert that e-mails your job posting to matching candidates to our Job Wrapping feature that automatically pulls postings from your career site, our wide variety of recruitment advertising options drives candidates to you. 

To reach passive job seekers, it's important to generate awareness and visibility by showcasing your company and your open positions in frequently accessed environments. By leveraging the power of the entire platform, your recruitment advertising can be featured across our entire network, pulling high quality applicants from our pool of more than 7 million unique site visitors each month and driving them into your own recruitment funnel. With the right opportunity featured in the right places, you can reach hidden talent with your employment message and increase the number of qualified candidates. 

Ready to launch a hard-working recruitment advertising campaign? Contact: Jeff Hinke, 612.673.4187


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