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Four Digital Marketing Trends

last updated February 28, 2014

The digital marketing landscape is an ever-evolving playground where savvy marketers such as VISA launch Olympic skiers out of the confines of a 300 x 250 box. This kind of interactive experience is just one of four digital marketing trends we can expect to see more frequently in 2014. 

What else is on the horizon?


Multiscreen Marketing: A Look Ahead

last updated December 31, 2013

As consumers continue to expand screen usage to include a mix of TV, PCs, smartphones and tablets, marketers will need to stretch their advertising campaigns across numerous devices to ensure adequate reach. Here's what a survey of US marketers predicts by 2016. 

Will your campaigns keep pace?


News tops games for mobile users

last updated June 27, 2013

While Fruit Ninja and Words with Friends are popular mobile pastimes, it’s not all fun and games for tablet and smartphone users. Accessing news outranks playing games on both a daily and weekly basis. Read the report.


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