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Boost Your Broadcast Buy

last updated December 31, 2013

Power-up your television buy with a media blitz that lowers your CPM while reaching more Minnesotans. Or choose a pre-roll video campaign that puts your message directly in front of target customers visiting top websites. 

To boost your buy with a laser-like focus, our Advantage Pre-Roll Video allows you to reach the right viewer at the right time on and other top sites by targeting audience segments. Using geographic data, demographic information, behavioral predictors and your desired customer parameters, we'll build a customized audience profile ideally suited for your message. Then we'll position your TV spot so that it reaches your desired audiences on and on our exclusive Advantage Network. 

Star Tribune provides premium inventory and placement on national sites such as CNN, People, FOX News,,, and the Huffington Post. When your desired customers visit these sites, you'll be there with a relevant message targeted to their needs and lifestyle. Our Advantage Pre-Roll Video program also features audience retargeting to reach customers searching in your category or those who leave your website during the purchase decision cycle. 

Maximize the return on your TV production costs by boosting your ability to be seen by more people, and by more of the right people, with Star Tribune. 

To boost the impact of your television buy, contact: Joe Allen, 612.673.4232


Data Marketing: The Real ROI Advantage

last updated November 5, 2013

While digital marketing is new to some and common for many, the early adopters of marketing trends are experiencing a greater advantage by shifting their focus from standard digital tactics to data marketing

Data marketing effectively leverages first-party and third-party user data to give companies a better understanding of their target customers. Using this deeper customer knowledge allows companies to increase the relevancy and value of marketing messages, thus reinforcing a competitive advantage over basic digital marketing practices. 

With access to "Big Data" as one of the key drivers of data marketing, here are a few ways data marketers are mining valuable insights:

  • By tapping the increase in buyer information gathered through social networks participation
  • By moving beyond web analytics to mobile analysis that tracks buyer behavior and engagement with favorite brands via smartphones and tablet devices
  • Through the use of sophisticated and powerful, "on-demand" analytical tools and resources

Using data marketing can help companies achieve a greater ROI on their marketing investments. They do this by tailoring offers and messages based on the unique behaviors of each customer or prospect. Loaded with data sets, data marketers are able to define and address individual preferences to ensure better customer experiences, increased buying opportunities and in turn, higher sales. By moving beyond digital marketing to data marketing, companies gain a powerful advantage over their competitors and maximize the impact of each marketing dollar spent. 

To launch a data marketing campaign using Star Tribune's extensive research capabilities, Contact: Mike Maslow, 612.673.4106


Ad Targeting: The Next Generation

last updated August 2, 2013

Bring a new level of precision targeting to your clients' Star Tribune digital campaigns by utilizing the most advanced Publisher ad server and audience-targeting platform in the industry. 

Star Tribune powers all advertiser ad campaigns with Google's Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP) Premium ad server, allowing for precise audience targeting across geography, content, dayparts and a variety of other criteria. The result? Your client's message reaches exactly the right audience, at the right moment. 

Star Tribune delivers even more robust Ad Targeting by integrating our Data Management Platform (DMP) into all of our campaigns. With rich demographic and psychographic targeting intelligence on desired customers, our DMP makes it possible to reach key audiences across Star Tribune and anywhere else on the Web. We provide strategic ways to access valued prospects, give you more insight into customer profiles, and seamlessly integrate this information into delivering the most successful ad units for each campaign. 

As a premium publisher with over seven million unique visitors each month, Star Tribune is uniquely positioned to help you achieve success with your clients' digital marketing campaigns in Minnesota; we have the largest local audience and more content than any other site in the state. 

By combining our highly engaged audience with our advanced ad technology, you can add maximum impact to client campaigns - giving them the powerful solutions needed to stand out and perform. 

For more powerful campaign targeting, contact: Ray Faust, 612.673.4899


Minnesota Explorer

last updated June 25, 2013

Summer has officially begun, which means Minnesotans are marking up their calendars with fun-filled activities. On August 18, Explore Minnesota Tourism will distribute the Minnesota Explorer in the Sunday Star Tribune. This highly anticipated special section is filled with things to do and places to visit across the state. Minnesota Explorer is read by more than 700,000 Minnesotans, so your message is sure to reach your audience. Contact your account executive now or get more information. Deadline is July 8.


One Solution= 7 Million Users

last updated June 20, 2013

If you want to maximize your reach across Star Tribune's audience of more than 7 million unique monthly users, take a look at our new "run of network" capability. A single investment delivers your message across our desktop browser, tablet, e-edition, e-newsletter and channels simultaneously. When our audience engages on any of those platforms, you'll be there.

With Star Tribune's Run of Network you can maximize your reach across our diverse, active and affluent audience. This no-hassle, far-extending capability delivers your message across all of our digital platforms. It provides powerful, top-of-mind presence in the easiest way possible.

Run of Network is a cost-effective, one-stop solution for full digital exposure with Star Tribune's electronic platforms. Choose Run of Network to share your message with our millions of monthly, engaged users. Then no matter how or where they connect with us, you'll be there. 

To put Run of Network to work for you, contact: James Byrd at 612-673-1752.


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