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Leap Frog Into the New Year

last updated December 22, 2014

If your digital marketing efforts have been an afterthought or even non-existent, make 2015 the year to jump ahead of your competition. Re-energize your Facebook page. Revamp your website for mobile users. Make a plan to cover more digital ground this year. It's easier than you think and we can help.

If you're looking to increase your web presence, expand your customer base and drive higher revenue this year, it's time to dive in to the digital marketing pool with Star Tribune Radius. Radius from Star Tribune is your source for full-service digital marketing services and strategies. We have exactly what you need to leap the digital divide. Best of all, your Radius sales rep will not only analyze your opportunities, they will explain your options in plain English so you fully understand the power and possibilities of your digital marketing plan. 

What can you do with Star Tribune Radius?

Expand Your Customer Base - Attract new customers using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & Facebook advertising and more.

Increase Web Visibility - Help customers find and access your site, especially on mobile devices. Our team can make it happen.

Promote Your Business - Drive incremental revenue through SEO, SMM, SEM and variety of products tailored to meet your specific business needs. 

Focus On Your Target Market - Implement email marketing campaigns and digital retargeting strategies that deliver the right offers to your desired audiences, and provides analytics to keep your programs on track throughout the year.

To make the digital leap and jump ahead of your competition, contact: Kelly Palmersheim, 612.288.8429


Cyber Monday + Advantage Email go together like peas and carrots

last updated November 21, 2014

Ah, peas and carrots. Now there's an appropriate Thanksgiving metaphor. And here's why Cyber Monday and Advantage email are perfect companions for your post-Thanksgiving marketing plans. 

We all know that "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, has been the busiest shopping day of the year for decades. But suddenly, Black Friday has been overtaken by the online phenomenon known as "Cyber Monday." That's the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend, when holiday shoppers hit their keyboards in search of the best deals - and it is now the biggest shopping day of the year.

In 2013, 92 million people shopped on Black Friday. But 131 million shopped on Cyber Monday. And those online shoppers spent more money than their counterparts walking through the malls. According to an AOL Survey, the average Black Friday shopper spent $310 in 2013, while the average Cyber Monday shopper spent $470!

Advantage email is a great way for your business to connect with that enormous, eager-to-spend audience. Here are just a few of the things you can do with Advantage email:

  • Target specific demographic groups, by age, gender, geographic area and more.
  • Choose the specific date your email will go out - Cyber Monday (December 1) or earlier, to catch people when they're still making their holiday shopping plans. 
  • Include special offers, such as free shipping or Cyber-Monday-only discounts.

Cyber Monday will soon be upon us. And any business with the capability for online sales should get in on the Cyber Monday excitement and consider adding Advantage email to its holiday marketing plans. So don't wait! Contact your account exec today to learn more. 



Focused Audiences

last updated November 7, 2014

Narrow in on your desired audiences with our specialty publication products. Rich with content tailored to specific interests, activities and stages of life, each one helps you target your prospects by affinities and lifestyles. All publications can be extended with digital advertising targeted to the same interests and demographics. 

To get focused with our specialty publications, contact Mike Maslow, 612.673.4106

Want to Reach? Choose these Specialty Publications
Business Professionals Top Workplaces; Drive; Giving Back
Independent Voters Top Workplaces; State Fair Guide; State Fair Extra
Nesters Golden Gavel; Best of MN; Giving Back
Foodies & Funsters Best of MN; MN Museum Guide; MN Explorer; State Fair Guide; State Fair Extra
Influential Females Top Workplaces; The Good Life; MN Museum Guide; Drive; Giving Back; Summer Camp Guide; College Fair Guide
Travelers Golden Gavel; MN Explorer; Best of MN Giving Back
Sports & Rec Fans Drive; MN Explorer; Best of MN
Affluent Adults The Good Life; Giving Back; Drive; Top Workplaces
Young Adults Golden Gavel; MN Explorer; Best of MN; College Fair Guide
Family Focused Summer Camp Guide; MN Explorer; MN Museum Guide; College Fair Guide
Seniors The Good Life; MN Explorer; MN Museum Guide; State Fair Guide; State Fair Extra
Job Seekers Top Workplaces; Best of MN
Home Buyers The Good Life; Best of MN
Car Buyers Drive; MN Explorer


Hit Your Mark with Retargeting

last updated November 7, 2014

Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are as much as 70 percent more likely to convert than non-retargeted visitors. Regardless of your industry, retargeted ads can help your company stay ahead of competitors by nurturing leads and converting customers.

We've all seen "retargeted" display ads: they seem to magically reflect our interests, search history, location and other preferences and actions. But, it's not magic. Retargeting is simple cookie-based technology that uses code to anonymously track audiences all over the Web. "Retargeting is one of the best ways to drive conversions and get incremental value out of existing branding campaign; this is especially the case when the retargeting messaging is tailored to these low funnel customers," says Ray Faust, Star Tribune's VP of Emerging Media. To achieve your specific marketing objectives, you want to select the right retargeting mix. 

Mix it Up: Choosing the right retargeting tactics.

"Come on Back" - Site Retargeting
This tactic uses a tracking pixel to identify people who have visited your site and then delivers them a relevant ad on other sites, encouraging them to revisit your site. It's the most common form of retargeting. 

"We've Got What You Want" - Search Retargeting
This tactic captures the terms and phrases people are typing into search query fields across 1000s of sites and identifies searches that correspond with your products/services. These searchers then see a relevant ad based on their search activity. It's used in conjunction with SEM efforts. 

"Wait, How About This Offer?" - Email Opens Retargeting
After sending promotional emails to a database, this retargeting approach identifies users who open the email and/or click through to a landing page. It then tags the user for retargeting. If a subscriber opens the email, but doesn't click the link, retargeted ads may use variable offers to help define subscriber relevancy and move them to new email lists tailored to their interest. 

"Staying Top of Mind With Customers" - CRM Retargeting
By leveraging your existing database of customers, CRM retargeting matches the email and postal addresses with IP addresses to find these customers on other sites and within newsletters they have subscribed to. 

"Location, Location, Location" - Mobile Retargeting
The most significant advantage to mobile is its location-based targeting capabilities - also know as Geo-Fencing. You can target people using their cell phones within a small geo-targeted area such as a football stadium or grocery store parking lot. When they visit web sites or use ad-supported apps on their phones they will see your ad. 

Retargeting allows you to concentrate your ad spending. Depending on the retargeting plan you choose, you can control who sees your ads in terms of their geography; days of the week; times of day; and which websites in the network will display your ads. You can even decide how long each individual continues to see your ads. 

Today, retargeting should be part of every digital marketing strategy and Star Tribune can help. With our audience analytics tag in conjunction with our Advantage Audience Platform you can start retargeting or enhance your current program. 

Ready to hit your mark? Schedule a Retargeting Assessment today, contact: John Hoeft, 612.673.4545




Mobile Upgrade Serves Up More

last updated October 3, 2014

Last month, the new and improved Star Tribune mobile website launched with expanded editorial and blog content, photo galleries, a seamless user experience, and robust advertising opportunities and sponsorships.

Rebuilt from the ground up, our new mobile site offers more of everything.

  • Increased engagement — Readers will engage more often and stay longer with expanded content in nearly every category from Sports and Home + Garden and the addition of our popular blogs.
  • Adaptive integrity — The responsive design allows scalability across multiple screen sizes, ensuring ad designs display as intended, regardless of mobile device.
  • Single platform impact — Now ads run across all Star Tribune digital products to boost the performance of digital campaigns, reaching our large local audience.
  • Multiple sponsorship opportunities — Increased opportunities allow for dominant placements on every single page view at competitive price points.
    • Fixed Homepage Banner — A bottom fixed 320x50 on the homepage for the day
    • Top in-line MedRec — A fixed 300x250 located in the first ad position within all articles (typically embedded after the 5th or 7th paragraph).
    • Interstitial — A custom full-screen creative that embeds itself between page views once per day for a user.
  • Impression opportunities — Ad sizes qualifying for mobile browser impressions are: 320x50, 234x60, 300x250.

For a limited time, we're offering readers free access to our mobile website. After the introductory period, Star Tribune subscribers will continue to enjoy unlimited access at no charge. And non-subscribers can access up to 10 free stories each month. 

To give your digital campaigns a mobile upgrade, contact: James Byrd, 612.673.1752



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