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National vs. Local Newspaper Advertising: Which Is Best?

last updated August 26, 2014

Mediaspace Solutions recently published an article highlighting why newspaper advertising is an important part of any advertising campaign. 

Newspaper advertising is the oldest form of advertising and is still used widely today by many businesses for a very specific reason: newspapers are a chosen media purchased by the reader. In other words, advertising in newspapers puts you in front of a very special group of consumers: those who value and are immensely receptive to the information (and ads) they find inside. When your message appears in newspapers, readers believe the editorial content adds credibility and legitimacy to your brand and offer. Click here to read the full article.


New Digital Targeting Capabilities

last updated August 6, 2014

Check out our latest digital targeting capabilities. With its' 8 million monthly unique visitors, Minnesota's largest media company now has the ability to target subscribers vs. non-subscribers, as well as by device type or OS. Advertisers have asked for these target segments. Ask how we can put these to work for you.


Search, Social, Mobile and More: Star Tribune Radius

last updated June 30, 2014

Did you know that 97% of consumers search online for local products and services? Search, social and mobile are top ways for getting your business in front of customers. Help them find you with the right tools, tactics and tracking. It's easier than you think and we can help. 

While many digital marketing companies have sprung up in the past decade, only one is backed by 140 years of experience connecting businesses with customers throughout Minnesota. If you're looking to increase your web presence, expand your customer base and drive new revenue streams, Star Tribune Radius makes it easy. Star Tribune Radius provides full-service online marketing strategies and services tailored to your budget and business goals. 

From SEO and SEM to mobile and websites, we offer every possible digital marketing solution and provide you with expert consultation to help you understand which ones are best for your business. We also make it easy to track your programs and monitor performance. View our complete list of online marketing services here.

Whether you're new to online marketing or looking for ways to maximize the effectiveness of your current efforts, Star Tribune Radius helps customers find you. 

To boost your online presence and attract more business, contact: Kelly Palmersheim, 612.673.8429



Deeper Digital Analysis

last updated May 1, 2014

In our last issue, Star Tribune Manager of Optimization and Analytics David Fleischman top-lined how his team evaluates digital campaign engagement and performance. In this follow-up Q&A, he details the types of reports digital advertisers should expect and explains key metrics his team analyzes. 

Q: First, tell us a bit about your team. 
DF: In the last six months we've evolved by continuing to expand our metrics and our resources. We now have three analysts dedicated solely to reporting. They are responsible for monitoring advertiser campaigns on a regular basis and interpreting the data in relation to the campaign objective. 

Q: So advertisers get a report after the campaign has ended?
No, that's the beauty of digital. We analyze campaigns in real time and give advertisers an update early in the campaign, usually within 2 to 3 weeks. Our Initial Campaign Report measures key metrics against the campaign's objective and provides comparative analysis and actionable interpretation, not just a spreadsheet of hard to understand data. We provide the advertiser with performance insights and, if needed, recommend adjustments for optimization to better achieve their objective. 

Q: Let's say an advertiser makes campaign adjustments, what happens next?
Of course we want to compare how the changes impact performance so we monitor the campaign for a few weeks. Then we provide the advertiser with a Campaign Optimization Report. And, we keep repeating this process to improve performance and increase effectiveness throughout the campaign. We recently had a client who launched a brand awareness campaign and chose to implement our recommendations. The COR data showed showed a 15% increase in monthly unique visitors reached by the campaign and a 23% increase in mobile touch rate. That's a great example of why I love what I do. 

Q: What happens after a campaign has ended? 
We close the loop with a Final Performance Report that provides comprehensive results of the campaign including an analysis of placement and creative executions. In addition to demonstrating campaign effectiveness, it also provides the advertiser with information for future campaigns. 

Q: Regarding the creative execution, what do you recommend?
As you would expect, the right creative boosts a campaign's performance and we have the data to prove it. I highly suggest using A/B testing of creative to see which ads yield the highest interaction rates. Then during the optimization phase advertisers can make adjustments to creative to maximize effectiveness. If an advertiser needs help developing digital ads, our in-house creative production team is a great resource. They understand what works in the digital platform and know how to get results. 

Q: What can digital advertisers do right now to improve effectiveness?
You mean besides advertising with us [chuckle]? I definitely recommend UTM coding. I'm surprised how many campaigns come in without them, which of course we add before launching. For those who don't know, a UTM [Urchin Traffic Monitor] Code is a simple code formula attached to a URL. It links to your analytics and allows you to track a source, medium and campaign so you know where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you. It's the best way to discover your most effective sales funnels. 

Q: One last question: Will you be tracking user interaction for this article?
No doubt, it's what I do!

Ready to go deeper with digital? Contact: Ray Faust, 612.673.4899.



Boost Your Broadcast Buy

last updated December 31, 2013

Power-up your television buy with a media blitz that lowers your CPM while reaching more Minnesotans. Or choose a pre-roll video campaign that puts your message directly in front of target customers visiting top websites. 

To boost your buy with a laser-like focus, our Advantage Pre-Roll Video allows you to reach the right viewer at the right time on and other top sites by targeting audience segments. Using geographic data, demographic information, behavioral predictors and your desired customer parameters, we'll build a customized audience profile ideally suited for your message. Then we'll position your TV spot so that it reaches your desired audiences on and on our exclusive Advantage Network. 

Star Tribune provides premium inventory and placement on national sites such as CNN, People, FOX News,,, and the Huffington Post. When your desired customers visit these sites, you'll be there with a relevant message targeted to their needs and lifestyle. Our Advantage Pre-Roll Video program also features audience retargeting to reach customers searching in your category or those who leave your website during the purchase decision cycle. 

Maximize the return on your TV production costs by boosting your ability to be seen by more people, and by more of the right people, with Star Tribune. 

To boost the impact of your television buy, contact: Joe Allen, 612.673.4232


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