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Graduation time is here - Help your customers honor the occasion!

last updated April 2, 2014

It's spring! Even if our Minnesota weather doesn't show it, spring really has arrived. And with spring comes graduation time. Colleges, universities, high schools and even grade schools will be holding ceremonies and proud family members will be traveling to events, dining out, hosting parties and buying gifts. 

Graduation season means big opportunities for a wide range of businesses that serve those who are traveling and entertaining at this time of year: airlines, hotels, restaurants, caterers, party-supply rental companies, florists, grocery stores, liquor stores and more. And, of course, graduation season means gifts in all shapes and sizes - from vacation trips to electronics to clothing, jewelry, books - even automobiles for the lucky few. 

So make sure that your business reaches that diverse audience of graduates, parents, grandparents, family and friends. Star Tribune can help you connect with them through both print and digital platforms like, Online, and Star Tribune Advantage, to name a few. 

Contact your account manager today for more information. Learn how many ways there are to reach those who are celebrating the academic achievements of their loved ones and help them make this a graduation season that the graduates will never forget!



Target your favorite segment of the traveling public with Star Tribune Advantage

last updated March 20, 2014

If you want to market to the traveling public, Star Tribune Advantage is the digital platform that will help you identify and appeal to the customers you most want to reach. Advantage offers a program of interactive advertising delivered to both business and leisure travelers alike through their smartphones, tablets and home computers. 

Star Tribune Advantage provides sophisticated analytics to help you learn more about your audience and pinpoint the demographics that can provide you with the biggest pool of potential customers. Then it presents your ads on a tailored selection of popular local, regional and national websites. Advantage even offers targeted opt-in emails to put you in touch with customers actively seeking your product or service. 

Whether it's the busy business traveler checking a smartphone one last time before departure, or the person spending a Saturday afternoon planning the family vacation, Advantage is the way to reach them. 

Ask your account manager about Advantage. Learn how you can reach your favorite segment of that highly desirable demographic. 


Be sure consumers spend their tax refunds with you

last updated March 10, 2014

How do Americans spend their tax refunds?

  • 42% Savings
  • 41.9% Pay down debt
  • 29.7% Everyday expenses
  • 13.2% Major purchase (electronics, house, car, etc.)
  • 11.9% Vacation
  • 6.7% Other

Be sure consumers are spending their tax refunds with you. Star Tribune can work with you to create a customized campaign directed at your target audience. Contact your account executive now to get started.


Top Workplaces: Calling all outstanding employers!

last updated March 7, 2014

Now in its fifth year, Top Workplaces is the premier workplace recognition program in Minnesota - and the number-one way to showcase your brand to potential employees. The print and digital advertising opportunities put your brand in front of countless job-seekers, and align your company with the best employers in the market (including your competition). Contact your account executive now to learn how your business can stand out. 


MN Museums: Calling all culture-lovers and fun-seekers!

last updated March 7, 2014

Spotlighting dozens of attractions around the state, the annual Minnesota Museum Guide spotlights cultural destinations and encourages exploration-in the metro and around the state. Reaching over 1.3 million culture-seeking, travel-loving adults, your message won't be missed. Contact your account executive now to learn more about this spot-on opportunity.


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