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Sold! Auction-Fueled Success

last updated November 7, 2014

Use Golden Gavel, our popular online bidding event, to boost awareness for your business and earn advertising credits at the same time. 

Here's how it works: 

  • You trade goods or services for the chance to earn Star Tribune advertising credits
  • Consumers bid on your items in the Golden Gavel event at
  • For items that sell, regardless of bid price, you receive advertising credits for the traded item's full retail value
  • Items that do not sell remain in your inventory
  • Nearly 90% of all advertisers sell at least one item
  • No additional fees apply, and there's no risk!

You'll be featured in $400K of digital and print promotion, including a catalog of items inserted in the Sunday Star Tribune. 

Held twice a year in the Spring and Fall, each Golden Gavel bidding event generates big excitement within the community. The next Golden Gavel will be held March 15-23, 2015. Deadline to participate is February 6, 2015. 

Ready for some business-building bidding action? Contact: Bridget Burns, 612.673.4143




Tap Statewide Pride: State of Wonders

last updated November 7, 2014

With dramatic photographs and compelling stories, the year-long project, State of Wonders has snowballed into a huge reader favorite. Between quarterly installments in print, fans express their passion for this nature-themed feature in multiple ways. 

State of Wonders began quarterly in our Travel section to spotlight our state's natural treasures throughout the seasons. Right away the series unleashed the unique blend of state pride and weather-obsession commonly found in Minnesotans. 

With unprecedented numbers of Facebook likes, shares, tweets and retweets, the series was a hit from the start. Now "wonderers" also use Instagram to follow photographer Brian Peterson and Travel editor Kerri Westenberg's adventures in progress. However, social media is just one component of the series' digital depth. At viewers can access videos, order prints and send e-postcards of the series' spectacular photographs. 

This high level of content interaction is ideal for marketers seeking to reach engaged audiences interested in travel, outdoor recreation, gardening, natural living, as well as things made-in-Minnesota. 

Reach State of Wonders' passionate fans by contacting: Chris Bigley, 612.673.4544



Home of Outdoor Lovers

last updated October 3, 2014

When temps drop into the minus double-digits, it's hard to believe anyone could love being outdoors in Minnesota. But, among the 20 largest U.S. Markets, we rank #1 for outdoor enthusiasts in nine categories. 

For advertisers seeking affluent audiences who are passionate about outdoor pastimes, Minnesota is a great choice.

Our area ranks #1* in:

  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Hunting
  • Power Boating
  • Hiking/Backpacking
  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Snow Boarding

*among the 20 largest U.S. Markets
Source: Scarborough Research Corporation 2013 Mpls./St. Paul CBSA

These individuals spend discretionary income on clothing, gear, travel, education and more, all to increase their skills and enjoyment of their favorite activity. With special sections, featured publications and our new mobile site, Star Tribune offers numerous ways to target outdoor enthusiasts by engaging them with relevant advertising campaigns juxtaposed to activity-focused content.

Reach more outdoor enthusiasts in more ways, by contacting: Chris Bigley, 612.673.4544



Keep your site in sight - Star Tribune can manage your campaign!

last updated September 30, 2014

Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are as much as 70 percent more likely to convert than non-retargeted visitors, according to a study done by Software Advice. "Out of sight, out of mind." That old saying probably goes double for the dozens of websites that an average person visits every day. And if someone comes to your website to check out your offerings, that person could forget what they saw soon after they click on over to the next website. Unless, of course, you take advantage of retargeting.

We've all seen "retargeted" display ads. Those are the ads that appear, for example, when you've been researching new cars online. Then, you go off to a completely unrelated website and-presto!- there's a display ad for the very same model you were just researching. 

Retargeting involves placing a cookie on a website visitor's browser and then presenting an ad when that visitor visits particular websites in a display network. Retargeting has become very popular - and with good reason. Retargeting enables you to concentrate your ad spending on people who have already visited your site. 

Depending on the retargeting plan you choose, you can control who sees your display ads in terms of their geography; what days and times of the day your ads are displayed; and which websites in the network display your ads. You can even decide how long after visiting your site a person will continue to see your ads. 

Restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, online retailers, car dealerships - anyone with a website and an online ad budget should consider making retargeting part of their digital marketing strategy. Contact your Star Tribune account executive today to learn more. 


Holiday Heads Up: Editorial Opportunities

last updated September 3, 2014

Pair your advertising with our special holiday editorial features to increase the relevance of your message and convert readrs into shoppers. Plan now for a season of great sales. 

Strategically aligning with our holiday content through advertising adjacencies and sponsorships is the perfect way to boost your holiday business by inspiring readers with gift ideas, celebration options and solutions for impressive entertaining. 

Reserve space now for these upcoming editorial features: 

Holiday Preview: November 9 in Variety

Thanksgiving: November 20 in Taste

Holiday Books Coverage: November 30 in Variety

Christmas Cookies: December 4 in Taste

Ski Issue: December 7 in Travel

Restaurant of the Year: December 18 in Taste

For readers, shoppers and advertisers alike, there's no place like Star Tribune for the holidays. 

To plan your holiday advertising schedule, contact: Mike Maslow, 612.673.4106



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