What's next for Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb?

Who knows? The 13th-year veteran is back in a back-up role. And barring an injury to rookie Christian Ponder or a release from the team, McNabb will be seen for the rest of 2011 on the Vikings sideline with his hat on backwards.

On Sunday morning, the NFL Network will air an exclusive interview with McNabb. Andrea Kremer recently sat down with the demoted quarterback, who wanted to get a few things straight. The interview will air on NFL GameDay Morning which begins Sunday at 8 a.m.

Among the highlights, McNabb addresses recent rumors that a poor work ethic led to his benching. 

Here are a few excerpts from the interview ...

Kremer: “Why didn't it work out here [in Minnesota]?”
McNabb: “Well, I mean, everyone focuses on my position. And I'm the one that either gets the most credit or the most blame. We should be sitting here, I'll be honest, at about what, 4-3, 5-2, or whatever. We had games that we should have won, but we just didn't. Now is it the quarterback position? Hey, I'll take the blame for it.”

Kremer: “Do you think you should still be the starter here in Minnesota?”
McNabb: “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

Kremer: “Have you ever been late for meetings?”
McNabb: “Never.”

Kremer: “Practice?”
McNabb: “Never. But from just people from the outside listening, they'll say, ‘Oh, you know, sources said that he's not putting in that time to be a top tier quarterback.’ Well, just come to Minnesota. Pack up your big jacket and your headwear, and come watch me.”

Kremer: “The thing that I've never understood about you is how criticism gets leveled at you and you wonder where it comes from. I mean, in Washington, ‘he doesn't have the stamina to run the two-minute drills, he doesn't want to wear a wristband with plays on it because that will hurt his ego.’ Can you explain these things to me?”
McNabb: “I cannot. And that isn't something that would even come out of my mouth – ‘that would hurt my ego.’ It's ridiculous. I mean, if you want to solidify your move of going with somebody else, just say, ‘hey, he wasn't playing well, we're going to rally behind whoever comes up.’ Whatever. But now when you start to challenge my intelligence, you're going to challenge my manhood of everything that I've been able to accomplish throughout the years, you know, that's disrespectful.”

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