Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden this week repeated his shaky claim that Democratic incumbent Al Franken said those who liked their health plans could keep them under the Affordable Care Act.

"After all, President Obama and Sen. Al Franken lied to him, promising that those who liked their plans could keep them," McFadden said in a pre-caucus email this week.

But the McFadden campaign offered no record of Franken making that promise. Instead, it has cited a video clip of Franken saying, "People who are happy with their current plan, wouldn't need to change it."

But a full viewing of that clip, which McFadden first cited months ago, shows that Franken was actually talking about a so-called "public option."

The Affordable Care Act, about which President Obama promised that people who like their health plans could keep them, is starkly different from the plan Franken was describing. Obama's promise about the law that did pass was cited as PolitiFact Lie of the Year in 2013.

Months ago, the Star Tribune asked McFadden campaign for any back up of its claim about Franken but it has offered no back up. MinnPost also wrote about the missing context in McFadden's claim last year.

The McFadden campaign has continued to make the claim, as recently as this week.

Asked about it again, Tom Erickson said reiterated what he told the Star Tribune last month: "Al Franken either voted for Obamacare knowing that Minnesotans wouldn't be able to keep their plans or he voted for it without understanding that this would happen. Either way this is unacceptable."

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