If you read the comments on websites - and yes, I know, there’s a prescription for misery and woe right there - you will discover that youth all over the world, particularly those in countries where job prospects are scant, and the future holds only a small flat with a hotplate for cooking, hate America because we are fat and stupid. Other countries are awesome, like Russia, because Putin is a tough guy, and other countries are awesome because they build really big things, like China. But the only thing Americans do is eat and drive around on scooters at Wal-Mart. They are very certain of this. They have heard it said on the internet.

Well: here’s what McDonald’s is serving in China.



Via Brand Eating, which has all sorts of other foods in other counties. They’re maddening, because we can’t eat these things. This is Subway in Japan:





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Keep reloading and replaying. There are dozens of scenarios. Warning: there's some of this.




COMICS Who drew “Peanuts”? You know who. Everyone knows that one f the most famous and beloved strips in comic history was the work of Al Plastino.


MEANWHILE, AT 30,000 FEET This story from the Guardian contains this paragraph:

We arrived in Frankfurt, 27 hours late. "Thank you for choosing Lufthansa," said the captain. "I hope we'll see you on another Lufthansa flight some time, and that you have enjoyed your flight with us."

“Enjoyed” is an odd word to use when there was smoke in the cabin and the flight attendants were crying. Nice punchline on the story, and it makes you wonder why they don’t lay down a no-crying rule for the crew.


SCIENCE! They’ve discovered a galaxy so big it has its own new class: Giant Radio Galaxy. It’s actually a “triple galaxy system,” which gives you something else whose incomprehensible dimensions make you wonder what’s going on there. Surely at least one star has a warm wet globe where they're looking at us.