Whether Josh McDaniels becomes the Vikings' offensive coordinator remains to be seen, but the former Denver Broncos coach did spend time meeting with Leslie Frazier and other team officials today at Winter Park.

The Vikings would be looking at going away from the West Coast offense under McDaniels and switching to a system that, like the West Coast, puts plenty on the plate of the quarterback. McDaniels had great success with this offense in New England because Tom Brady was so good at running it.

Former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon, who is now an analyst for CBS and worked two Broncos games this season, said he thinks it would be wise for the Vikings to look at trading for Kyle Orton for the short term if McDaniels is hired. Orton was the Broncos quarterback for much of this season.

“That would make perfect sense," Gannon said. "Kyle Orton is really a pretty good player now. I did a game in Week 12, coming into that game he had almost 3,500 yards passing, 20 touchdowns, just six interceptions, a quarterback rating somewhere around 95. And they couldn’t run the ball a lick. They had a rookie at center and a rookie at guard. If you bring in a guy like Kyle Orton it would be a home run from a number of standpoints. You’ve got a guy that’s familiar with the system, that can step in and play.
"You’ve got a guy that is an extension of the head coach, essentially another coach on the field. ... That would make a lot of sense if you’re going to get a guy like Josh to get a guy that’s got some history and some familiarity with the system. Getting a guy like Kyle Orton and then drafting a quarterback or even developing a Joe Webb. It would make perfect sense.”
One thing to keep in mind is what type of money McDaniels might want from the Vikings. The Denver Post reported Thursday that other teams are after McDaniels but did not say how many or which clubs. McDaniels did reach a settlement with the Broncos after being fired in early December.
As for Orton, he is reportedly due to make $8.4 million in 2011 but only $2.89 million of that is guaranteed.


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