INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Texas star Colt McCoy is considered a second-round pick by most, but the quarterback doesn't lack any confidence in his abilities.

"For me, I’m not worried about what people say, what people think about me," McCoy told reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday. "I did my absolute best in college. I played for four years, I started 53 games in a row and so I don’t know what more anybody can ask of me. My height’s a knock. It is. 6-1 and a quarter. That’s what God gave me. I’m going to use it the best I can."

McCoy, like Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, won't throw at the combine because he also is coming off an injury to his throwing arm. McCoy was hurt in the BCS title game and is planning to throw for teams at his pro day on March 31 in Austin, Texas.

He said his shoulder is "doing great."

"I’m way ahead of schedule," McCoy said. "It’s unfortunate I’m not going to throw here, I’m bummed out, I would love to get out there and compete, I’d love to get out there and throw. But I sat down with Dr. [James] Andrews and the physical therapist and it was in my best interests to just wait to my Pro Day to throw. Not that I can’t get out there and throw, but we don’t want to do anything that’s going to set it back. But it’s healing up great, I’m throwing every day. I’m on a strict routine, but I’m confident that everything is going well and I’ll be 100 percent ready to go in a couple weeks."

McCoy said his injury wasn't really his shoulder but was "a nerve injury in my deltoid."

Asked about the drawback of having played in the shotgun offense at Texas, McCoy said: "If you go back and look at my freshman and sophomore years, we were about 30 percent under center so it's not foreign to me at all. I realize that's something I really need to work on because the last two years we didn't spend that much time underneath center.

"We probably were three, four, five times a game underneath. We ran some play action out of it, but that's about it. We played to our personnel, we played with what we had and we won a lot of games. But playing underneath the center is not foreign to me. The good thing with my shoulder after the game for about three weeks I wasn't able to throw, so I committed myself to working on my feet, working on my drops, my play-action drops. My feet are going to be perfectly fine."

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