He wins batting titles and gold gloves. He sells ice cream and video games.

And he can sing too.

Minnesota Twin Joe Mauer, while not destined for "American Idol" stardom any time soon, dusted off his pipes and smiled his way through a few bars in a soon-to-be-released "Explore Minnesota" commercial promoting tourism in the state.

Decked out in catcher's gear and superimposed on a cartoonish version of the Target Field scoreboard screen, Mauer solos his way through, "Make sure to keep your glove near. There is simply more to love here."

He then joins others -- none with near his star power -- in a few more lines until the spot's conclusion.

The state tourism office ads start airing Monday morning throughout Minnesota, said Leann Kispert, senior marketing manager for Explore Minnesota Tourism. They'll spread to Iowa and Wisconsin and also air during Twins game telecasts, Kispert said.

Kispert said Mauer sounded "just like you thought he would sound."

"He was a little shy, at the outset" during shooting last fall, she said, possibly because "he didn't know ahead of time that he would have to sing."

Mauer's portion was recorded at Target Field and took less than an hour to shoot, "so I can't imagine it took too many takes," she said.

To see the ad, visit www.bit.ly/gYd8Ov.