You can read a thousand mock drafts or you can trust the one place that seems to be frighteningly right way more than it is wrong: Vegas.

Per R.J. Bell of

The most likely choice at No. 3, where the Vikings pick: Matt Kalil.

That should be no surprise, given Kalil has been the name we've heard most about. Justin Blackmon and Morris Claiborne are intriguing options -- they play flashier positions, and there's no doubt WR and CB are also positions of need -- but we can't help GM Rick Spielman is making this a three-horse race to drum up possible trade business. You can't blame him, but in the end Kalil is still the favorite.

The percent chance the No. 3 pick will be traded: 23.

So Vegas thinks there's a little less than a one-quarter chance Spielman will pull off a deal for the pick. We're not sure if that sounds low or high, which is probably why Vegas has billions of dollars and we don't.

Also, completely unrelated: Vikings CB Chris Cook confimed on Twitter he plans to change his number from 31 to 20. Do with that info what you will.

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