Former Minnesota First Lady Mary Pawlenty said on radio-maven Tom Barnard’s podcast that she is “probably more moderate than people think” she would be, considering she went to Bethel College and based on her faith background.

On the podcast with former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Mary Pawlenty said “there are points where we should compromise.” She added, “there are a few things about the Ron Paul people that make sense to me,” particularly the libertarian push for “wanting the government to go away.”

Tim Pawlenty said the pitch for smaller government is great, but Paul went too far when he said it was okay to legalize heroin and suggested that it is not in the United States’ interest to care if Iran has a nuclear weapon.

Mary Pawlenty’s response: “Dude, I was not completely defending Ron Paul’s positions, alright? I’m just saying there are a few things with the libertarians that I agree with. Of course, I don’t agree with Ron Paul on all that kind of stuff.”

(Tim Pawlenty also said on the podcast that his presidential campaign “only lasted 10 minutes,” during which they didn't raise enough money and they “botched the strategy.”)

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