LOS ANGELES -- Martin Sheen once ranked among the most famous fans of "Prairie Home Companion," doing impressions of Garrison Keillor on the set of "The West Wing," listening fixated in his driveway on Saturday nights while his take-out dinner grew cold in the passenger seat.

But Sheen said earlier this week that he hasn't tuned into the show since Chris Thile took over as host.

"I hear he's a musician, right?" said Sheen who was promoting his appearance in PBS's "Anne of Green Gables -- The Good Stars." "I hear it's very funny, but I just haven't listened."

Sheen was too diplomatic to say anything negative about the transition; his "Anne" co-star Sara Botsford, was more direct.

"I'm not a huge fan of the new one," Botfsord piped in. "It's just a different show. They should have called it something else."

Sheen had fond memories of the Twin Cities that go beyond Keillor. He chuckled as he remembered how Minnesota kids at WE Day, the charity that encourages children to make a difference, reminded him that President Bartlet's term had expired some time ago.

"I spoke in Minneapolis shortly after the first 'Anne' movie played, and I was introduced as Matthew from 'Anne From Green Gables.' These kids din't have a clue who I was until that film," he said. "That was a tremendous leap."

Don't worry, Martin. Those kids probably don't know who Keillor is, either.

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