No team has led the NFL in total defense, pass defense and rushing defense in the same season since Reggie White, Jerome Brown and the rest of the 1991 Eagles were roughing up the league 17 years ago.

But the Steelers are on pace to match that this season.

They lead the league in total defense (235.4 yards allowed per game), pass defense (168.8) and run defense (66.5). Baltimore is second in total defense (262.3), while Tampa Bay is second in pass defense (174.6) and the Vikings are second in run defense (70.4).

The Steelers also rank No. 1 in scoring defense (14.5 points allowed per game). And they're No. 2 in sacks (37) behind only Philadelphia (39).

Pittsburgh, however, isn't ready to compare itself to the 1976 Steelers or the 1985 Bears.

"It just means we're a good defense right now," Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel said. "We still have a lot of football left. If we finish the season 1-1-1 then maybe we can talk."

For safety Troy Polamalu, finishing 1-1-1 isn't enough to be considered a great defense.

"Greatness has to do with winning, greatness has to do with championships," Polamalu said. "That would solidify it, I guess, the greatness or value of our defense."