By Todd Nelson, filling in for Douglas:

I keep rubbing my eyes and wondering when I am going to wake up from this fast-forward spring. Weather maps continue to look like March this week with hints of April this weekend. Unreal.

I spent some time this past weekend along Minnesota's beautiful North Shore and noticed little to no ice floating around the coldest and deepest of all the Great Lakes. According to NOAA, Lake Superior is only 6 percent covered in ice. Last year at this time it was only 7 percent, and in 2015 it was 58 percent. In 2014, it was more than 90 percent.

For folks who enjoy winter weather in Minnesota, this year hasn't been all that great. Who would've thought that outdoor hockey rinks would melt in February? With highs in the 40s this week and into the 50s this weekend, lake ice will continue to rapidly deteriorate.

Incredibly, according to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, we could remain above average right into the last week of February.