More than 10 weeks since a 5-year-old boy was thrown over a third-floor railing at the Mall of America, the youngster has endured many medical procedures addressing a host of serious injuries throughout his body that will keep him hospitalized indefinitely, according to his family.

The Woodbury family of the boy, who is named Landen, has been posting news of their son's recovery on a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $1 million since the random attack on April 12 by a 24-year-old man.

"While the miracle of his survival is what we celebrate and thank Jesus for every day, we must also acknowledge that our beautiful boy has been on a very challenging road to recovery," said the latest post on behalf of the family by Noah Hanneman. "It has been very hard for our young son and our family. Up until now we have let our hopes govern what we have released to the public. However, the injuries and several complications have now resulted in more than 15 separate medical procedures or surgeries."

The update revealed that the list of Landen's injuries includes two broken arms and a broken leg, removal of his spleen, fluid in his lungs and stomach, as well as facial and skull fractures, the posting noted.

Most recently, the account continued, Landen had a stent implanted in a vein that runs through his liver to address "the serious complications he continues to endure."

Landen remains in intensive care, and "we are still unsure when our family will be able to return home," the post read.

Last month, Emmanuel D. Aranda, of Minneapolis, pleaded guilty to the attack, telling investigators he went to the mall "looking for someone to kill" before pitching the boy nearly 40 feet to the floor below, according to the criminal complaint.

Aranda was sentenced early this month to a 19-year term, the maximum allowed.

In victim-impact statements read at Aranda's sentencing, Landen's parents said they have forgiven Aranda.

"I refuse to be full of anger and hatred," Landen's mother's statement said. "I refuse to let you take my joy."

Wednesday's statement from the family concluded, "Throughout, your support has lifted each of us and reminded us of the power of God. ... Thanks again to each of you for your prayers and best wishes. Please continue to pray for him."