While there is little news value in this, there is some amusement value: Deadspin just ran in its weekly "Deleted Scenes" post an account of a man trying to sell the site an alleged picture of Brett Favre (in his much younger days, apparently) getting a tattoo on his, well, hind quarters. The asking price? $500.

While we have no idea if such a picture or tattoo legitimately exists -- quite frankly we'd be surprised if it is authentic, based on the claim from the seller that "nobody knows he even has it," when Favre could hardly hide that sort of thing in a locker room. And really, he wouldn't need to hide it anyway if it really existed -- we are left to marvel at a world where someone believes there is a price tag on such a picture, and that its street value is $500.

Anyway, here's the link to the Deadspin post. Language and assorted other warnings, per usual.

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