PROVIDENCE, R.I. — An Albanian man living in New York pleaded guilty in a Rhode Island federal court to cutting his way through a Target department store roof last October, prying open an ATM and stealing more than $14,000.

Twenty-seven-year-old Epirot Krasniqi of Brooklyn appeared before a U.S. District Court judge Friday and pleaded guilty to larceny charges and burglary of controlled substances.

Krasniqi went on to cut through a wall of the store into a CVS pharmacy, where he stole a prescription package of Oxycodone from a locked cabinet.

Thirty-two-year-old Liridon Gashi allegedly helped him with the break-in. The two were equipped with portable two-way radios.

Police responded to a tripped burglary alarm, and found the men hiding inside air conditioning units on the roof. After a federal indictment was issued in November, Krasniqi was arrested by FBI agents in New York. Gashi was arrested by FBI agents in San Francisco in March.

Krasniqi will be sentenced in August. No plea agreement was filed for this case.