A 20-year-old Minneapolis man filmed himself apparently dealing drugs in the hours before he confronted police officers during the Dinkytown hockey melee on April 12.

Ardavan Khodaverdian was initially arrested about 11 that night on a minor charge of unlawful assembly. His arrest was one of more than a dozen as 300 police officers broke up a crowd that took over an intersection after the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team lost the NCAA national championship game.

After they arrested Khodaverdian, authorities reviewed video footage on a camera he was carrying, and his criminal troubles worsened.

In the footage, police found scenes in which he had filmed himself giving three men a powdery substance in exchange for money, the complaint says.

The men “ingested the substance” at a bus stop, then, in a later video, talked about how they were “rolling” from the drugs. There’s yet another video in which Khodaverdian is at a nightclub, allegedly dealing drugs. A later video shows Khodaverdian approaching police officers and squad cars.

The charge against him cited a state law that prohibits the sale of “simulated controlled substances.” The charge can be used in cases where police can document activity that looks like a drug sale but are unable to field-test the alleged drugs. The law carries a penalty of up to three years in prison, a fine of $20,000 or both.

Khodaverdian, a 2012 graduate of Minnetonka High School, has attended classes at the University of Minnesota, according to his Facebook page. He’s not currently listed as a student on the U’s website.