Macalester grads, unite!

Alumni of the St. Paul college will gather tonight in cities across the globe. It's the second annual "Welcome to our City" event aimed connecting "Macites" to share "insider tips" about living in their cities.

This year, the get-togethers will be held in Beijing, Boston, Chicago, London, New Orleans, New York City, Portland, Ore., San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C.

The D.C. event, a spokeswoman predicted, will be the biggest. Last year, it was: 91 people attended.

Find details, including hosts and locations, here.

I sent an email to the host of the San Francisco gathering, Julie Lehnhoff, who graduated from Macalester in 1997. She moved to the Bay Area in 2006, where she discovered a number of Mac connections. She began attending and hosting alumni events, like their book club. Eventually she was elected to the Alumni Board.

I will let her continue:

Macalester Alumni held our first, nation-wide, “Welcome to Our City” event in the fall of 2010, as an effort to introduce young alumni to whatever city they may have moved to after their time at Macalester. I helped to plan and host the WTOC event in San Francisco, which was a big success, and drew a larger crowd than some of our regular monthly events. Making the event inclusive of all of our alumni, and their families and friends, helped to make all feel welcome, and also let our young alumni know that those who are already established around the country are a great resource for them. We received an enthusiastic response to the event in many of our Chapter Cities, and a tradition was born.

I am helping to host this year’s event, and am very excited to see that we have an even larger number of alumni who have registered for tonight. This year’s event will also be held in London, and Beijing, and there is hope of increasing the number of national and international cities to host this event in years to come. We hope the “Welcome to Our City” event becomes a long-standing tradition which connects our alumni to each other, to the world – wherever our alumni find themselves, and back to Mac!