The Lynx controlled Sunday's game against Seattle pretty much from start to finish. The final score was 84-71. The Lynx shot just 44.8 percent -- the first time they were under 50 percent this season.

But coach Cheryl Reeve like what she saw: "I told the team that this was the first time this year that I thought we played Lynx defense. It didn't matter which player came in, they were on point with the scouting report. We were in their cuts. And I though we made it very difficult for them to get balls where they wanted to get them to. So that is where I was happiest."

Seattle shot 37.9 percent.

"Early on we were getting great looks, we just didn't knock them down," Reeve said. "I thought we stayed with it and, all in all, played our best game of the season so far."

Reeve said Seattle likes to shoot the three-point shot. "That is what Seattle is doing," she said. "They shoot higher from three than they do from two this season. So that is a big part of their arsenal. That was a big number, 34 threes, that was a really big number."

Seattle made 14 of those 34 shots behind the arc, or 41.2 percent. They took two more threes, than shots inside the arc.

"Our activity on the ball to try to make entries was really good," Reeve said. "They got [center Ann] Wauters free a couple times, but I just thought we were on point. When you have ball pressure on the perimeter and you are fighting the posts, it makes it difficult. The only thing available is the three-point line. And they have some good three-ballers. It is kind of who they are and what they are doing."

And it's not working. Seattle is 0-3, the Lynx 4-0.


On Maya Moore making five three-pointers: "I thought she shot it pretty well in warm-ups and that is typically what we look at with someone like Maya. If you come to the game early, you know we do a lot of shooting. And we kind of figure those things out before the game starts, what it is going to look like for us as far as who is on and who is struggling and try to find different ways. But Maya was really, really good from three. It was good to see because, as you know, that's where she likes to be out there."

On Lynx rebounding: "I think that is the first time this year that we got to 40. We have been talking about that. That was something we wanted to clean up and not give the second-chance points. Again I thought [Sunday]  was our best day to this point in the season in that area." ... Seattle had 27 rebounds.

On her team's 10-game winning streak, going back to last year's playoffs: "I don't think we necessarily look at it as 10 in a row, or whatever the number was, because it is a new season. I don't even know they are kind of going, 'It's four in a row.' We literally -- the only thing that mattered to us was Seattle. We were not thinking of anything else. But they do have confidence. ... We got production all over the place and that is what I was happiest about. It just happens to be now, four in a row."

On Amber Harris' return from a preseason ankle injury: "That is more pressure on me to play more people. I don't mind having nine or 10, knock on wood. For Amber, it was good -- she only practiced one time and then played [Sunday]. Our philosophy is she gets her job back. So she kind of got into that fourth-post rotation. I thought she played pretty solidly, given that she hasn't played for us yet. But it is hard to keep Dev [rookie Devereaux Peters] off the floor. So we will go with the flow each night and see who is doing what. It is nice to have options."


There is only one game in the WNBA on Tuesday, Tulsa plays at Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, there are three West vs. East matchups:  Lynx  at Washington, Chicago at San Antonio and Phoenix at Atlanta.