Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said she supports Seimone Augustus' decision to complain publicly about a traffic stop on Monday near Rosedale Center.

Augustus, the leading scorer for the Lynx, was stopped after a shopping trip for violating  a Minnesota law which prohibits objects hanging from the rear-view mirror.

She tweeted about the traffic stop, which ended with her and the police officer both angry, shortly after it happened.

Reeve said the off-day incident was not a distraction to the team. Instead, what happened  was something Augustus had to take a stand against.

"It is not a distraction at all," Reeve said. "Twitter gives people a voice. [Augustus has 25,000 followers.] And, in this particular instance, I am 100 percent behind Seimone tweeting her experience because it shines light on a bigger problem. Which is racial profiling.

"The situation that occurred, how Seimone felt, it happens on a daily basis. So from that standpoint, I think [Seimone's tweeting] was great."

As for her air freshener, Augustus has it  dangling from her turn signal now..

And she is pleased someone in authority listened to her.

The chief of the Roseville Police Department called Augustus on Tuesday after the media picked up on the story from Augustus's tweets.

"We had a great conversation on the phone," Augustus said. "We went over the incident. Both parties were angry about what happened. It's move on. We've settled and we are moving on from here."

Augustus, who is black and was driving a car with Louisiana license plates, said the police officer upset her when he brought up theft at the mall and her out-of-state plates. She also said the police officer was overly aggressive.