Through the initiative of a local Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor, over 500 congregational leaders from across the country will participate in a public expression of faith this weekend to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001.

Meta Carlson, a pastor with St. John Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis, launched an invitation on a Facebook group for ELCA clergy and others to join her in standing at a public intersections with hand-written statements, aimed at giving meaning to the terrorist attacks that day.

In the Twin Cities, clergy and other Lutherans will take to street corners on Saturday, Sept. 10 from 10 a.m. to noon. Each will create a handwritten cardboard sign, expressing one element of their belief about God’s presence in the world. Carlson describes this as a “living Lutheran creed”.

The Rev. Patricia Lull, executive director for Saint Paul Area Council of Churches, said the initiative has spread across the country with local groups fashioning their own witness on this 10th anniversary weekend.

“I proposed this date – September 10th – for the public expression because the next day people will be figuring out what to do with the events of 9/11,” Carlson said in a released statement.

“Lutherans want to be seen as “friendly” and “welcoming” communities. I can’t think of a more hospitable gesture than meeting people on the streets and reminding them that the Church is a people and a place where folks hash out difficult stuff and work toward healing.”

Carlson and her 7 month-old son plan to be at one of the exit ramps on 46th Street and 35W with a sign that reads: “I believe God isn’t finished working through the church neither am I.”

Her colleague, the Rev. Mark Hallonquist, will be standing at the intersection of 50th Street and Nicollet Avenue with a sign that reads: “I believe there is no debt ceiling on God’s grace.”

Anyone interested in joining this initiative is welcome to choose a corner, make a sign, and share their faith. For more information contact Pastor Meta Carlson at



The Rev. Meta Carlson and the Rev. Mark Hallonquist

The Rev. Meta Carlson and the Rev. Mark Hallonquist