Greetings. Youngblood here. Jerry will join back up with the team tomorrow for practice and the trip to Dallas.


So, there were two main topics on tap after Tuesday's practice. First, how is Kevin Love doing. And, two, where is this team at in the wake of Sunday's stunning blowout at the hands of lowly Sacramento. (By the way, the Kings really built off that 32-point victory over the Wolves Sunday, didn't they, in that  40-point loss in Chicago).


First, Love:

--Love has a strained left groin muscle and is officially listed as day-to-day. Love said he first got hurt in Utah. The adrenaline of playing in L.A. two night later made him forget about it, but he was very sore after the Lakers game. He didn't feel good from the start of Sunday's game. Then, after sitting during the second quarter it stiffened up to the point where he could not return. Love said all the right things about wanting to play all 82 games, about wanting to play against the caliber of teams the Wolves face in the next few days -- Dallas, Oklahoma City, Boston and Chicago for starters -- but he also said he needed to be near 100 percent before he came back. We will know much more tomorrow, but I'd be surprised if he played in Dallas.

That, plus the fact that Michael Beasley's left hip is still bothering him, means more lineup tinkering could be forced on coach Kurt Rambis. Rambis said if Love can't play, he'll look at the trio of Anthony Tolliver, Anthony Randolph and Nikola Pekovic to fill Love's minutes. Who would start? Rambis said that would depend on the matchup.


Meanwhile, the question of how this team will respond to Sunday's blowout is a very good one. Especially in the wake of a report a couple weeks ago that -- citing unnamed sources -- suggested Rambis might be replaced at season's end.

Love, Tolliver and Martell Webster all voiced their confidence in the coach. At the same time, the fact is the team doesn't always execute the game plan.

"I've been bought in from day one," Tolliver said. "It's tough sitting back and watching sometimes when people don't buy in. It's tough, because you cant' do much more than he does. Kurt is doing everything he can to help us, put us in a position to win."

When asked if the team was still buying in when it comes to Rambis, he said he could only speak for himself. "I hope so," he said of his teammates. "We say all the right things, but we all know the result comes in the action. It's all about how (the team) plays. That speaks for itself."

It will be interesting to see how strongly the Wolves respond to Sunday's loss. We'll all have to wit a couple days to find out.


That's about all for now. Have a good day and Jerry will get back to you tomorrow.

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