Who would have imagined that the local artisan granola market — more to the point, the muesli market — would start to look like Kelloggs vs. General Mills?

Nature’s Hand, Crapola! and Seven Sundays all are turning out terrific oat-y mixes. Bliss Gourmet Foods has moved into the muesli market with its Bircher mix of both triple berry and apple cinnamon varieties, each to be soaked overnight in milk or juice.

Some people swear by the company’s chocolate hazelnut granola, too. It’s among the six varities of granola that Bliss offers. Both the granola and muesli blends are gluten-free.


$8 for 16 ounces. Available at Bibelot stores, all Cooks of Crocus Hill stores, Corazon, Golden Fig Fine Foods, and more, including several food co-ops. For a complete list or to order online, go to www.blissgourmetfoods.com.