DeSeandra Sheppheard

Local writer, entrepreneur and college student, DeSeandra Sheppheard has become well known for her writing style. After being hired as Head Columnist for inBox Magazine Twin Cities in 2007, Sheppheard pursued a career as an entertainment writer and socialite. In 2010 she became an “Editor-at-Large” for inBox.

On the Set with Afro-Preachah

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This past weekend I was asked to play a key role in Rapper Afro Preachah’s video for his hit single “Hot Girls”. The video would portray Afro’s Manager contacting ‘My Inception Magazine’ (a local men’s magazine) in hopes of gaining the ‘hottest girls’ available. Being that this was my very first time in a music video I was nervously excited yet overwhelmed by the professionalism shown by Afro, his (real-life) Manager Kimberly Steward, and the rest of the cast, crew and models.

It’s not that I believed our ‘local’ artists didn’t have enough education, maturity or fiscal backing to pull off such a professional event, but I just really had no clue. Being asked to be in videos isn’t something I really care for. Most requests are met with a simple ‘no, thank you’ as I never ‘trust’ an artist to ensure whatever role I’m playing is a good reflection of who I am. But knowing Afro, and his Manager, Kim, I was more than confident that I’d be ‘ok’.
On set: I was privileged to work with the great Producer, Sandman, the extremely talented Afro Preachah, and the extraordinary businesswoman behind it all, Ms. Kimberly Steward. The event was epic to say the least. With more than a dozen professional models, hair stylist, make-up artists, photographers, directors, assistants and a couple ‘gophers’ the video shoot resembled what most people would imagine a major production shoot looks like. Afro and his models were literally hitting bull’s-eyes, rarely having to do additional takes, and perfecting each line and adlib of every single verse. Even the ‘hiccups’ were handled with poise, professionalism and ease; leading me to believe that there’s a bigger reason why this team is so successful. Anyone with a nice voice, good writer, team and money can become a rapper, but a businessman (or woman) takes maturity, professionalism and humbleness. Lesson learned.
I’ve had a bloggers block for months now. Everyone I know has asked me when I would post again, when would I resurface and end my self-created drought. Each inquiry yielded the same response “when I feel like there’s something great (in my culture) to write about, I will write”…well, this experience was great. It brought me back home, back to the original me. It made me realize that the industry that I have chosen to support does still have life, is about more than partying, and most of all, does include business men and women who are about more than just artificial things…Tripple Sul Entertainment gets that this industry is about business, it requires a level of professionalism and dedication. And, with a little time, each can be perfected and may excel you to the next level of any career you chose. I can only hope that others within this local ‘Urban’ Music/Entertainment scene can ‘get’ this. Just imagine where we’d be….
Special thanks to Afro-Preachah, the entire Tripple Sul Entertainment group, Sandman, BRM Photography, “Hollywood Shugg” Robinson and the ‘My Inception Magazine’ Models!

The "Microwave Syndrome"

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Some guy on T.V. said Americans have the ‘microwave syndrome’; we want what we want and we want it now. Watching T.V. is like watching a conveyer belt full of all the things I want in life rapidly moving past me, so close I can see it yet so far away I can’t feel it. It can be pretty tormenting.

With so many goals and ideas I can sometimes get overwhelmed by the responsibilities of daily life. School, work, housework; school, work, housework, it’s like running in one of those little hamster wheels with no way to jump off. That dream of being the next ‘Oprah’ seems as far as the moon and with no way of jumping off the hamster wheel how will I ever reach the moon?
During weekly coffee sessions my sister and I laugh-off the constant reminders that we have yet to reach (some of our major) goals, have not ‘made it big’ and are still ‘stuck’ in *yawn* “Minne-snow-ta”.
But why? Why waste time counting the things you don’t have, lusting after the items and experiences you want and complaining about the fact that your bank account isn’t worth more than that of a small country? If you really think about it is there any point to it all? Does it really make you feel better after a good round of complaints and whining? For me, no, it does not. In fact it makes me feel worse and wastes a whole lot of time. Time that could be spent on something productive, fun or educational; time that is a part of our lives today, that, once gone, will never return…this got me thinking.
As kids we wished on stars, as teenagers we prayed, wished and hoped, as adults we plan, work and save.  Guess it’s time to (fully) grow up.
Counting my ‘blessings’ and truly realizing the progress I’ve made is, was and will probably always be a good start. Working hard for what I want and planning on being the successful woman I know I can be rather than wishing I was her would be next. Regardless what the steps are or how long they take, I am now happier which in turn is healthier. Guess I have more work to add to my already work-filled schedule, but it’s  worth it…after all, I am the one who always says; “either love the life you live, or live the life you’ll love.”
Picture: Me and My Sister, Salisea enjoying the life we're living @ CRAVE (MOA)
DeSeandra Sheppheard


Dead Wrong: Minneapolis Murders

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The fact that there have already been more murders in Minneapolis than during the entire year of 2009 would be enough to outrage any Twin Cities’ resident …but the fact that many in the cities are stating that this is simply ‘gangsters killing gangsters’ should disgust all Minnesotans as this type of disregard for human life is repulsive.

Being born and raised in the Twin Cities has enabled me to have a firsthand view of our growth, change, failures and successes. Like many residents I look forward to summer months full of barbeques, long days at the beach and snowless driveways. But this summer, even I, someone who has probably seen and heard more than the ‘average’ 25 year old, am shocked and disgusted by what has been happening here in the Twin Cities.
To say I’m outraged by the onslaught of murders would be an understatement but what prompted this topic is not the multitude of senseless murders we’ve experienced over the last few months, it’s the response to these acts of ignorance and violence that has. Reading through the news I noticed how a few people have wrote about how this is simply ‘gangsters killing gangsters’ or it’s ‘just drug dealers killing dealers’ and comments on those articles proved that more than a few shared those viewpoints.
Unsure if people are trying to pacify themselves or truly believe in their heartless comments I am not sure how to respond. Has the value of human life really taken a hit in some communities? To say that these people who have lost their lives are merely ‘gangsters’ disgraces the family members left behind and sends a message to the youth that it’s ok to judge others. It is heartless to pass judgment on someone who’s just had their life taken, especially so soon after the death has occurred. Even still we must ask ourselves:  how much do we really know about those who’ve lost their lives?
I can’t imagine how it would feel to open the newspaper and read how my child’s death was viewed as ‘just gangsters killing gangsters’.  As someone not related to anyone who’s been murdered I felt shocked, embarrassed and disgusted, I can only imagine the pain such comments bought the end of the day we all have our own opinions, however, and to end this post, I will state mine: If it’s wrong to take a life it’s dead wrong to devalue one that has been taken.
In closing I must add (before I ignite a barrage of hate mail): I am not, in any way, shape or form condoning being a ‘drug dealer’ or ‘gangster’. I truly believe that certain people’s choices hurt our communities, send horrible messages to our children and create fear, worry and tension in our cities. However, with that noted, I must say that these ‘gangsters’ are still a part of our communities, are still someone’s relative/loved one and are still human beings.
Thank you for reading,
DeSeandra Sheppheard

Robyne Robinson: a Bad Influence?

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Robyne Robinson made Minnesota history by becoming the State’s first African-American news Anchor. Twenty years later she has become an ‘anchor’ in the cities’ communities by lending her time, resources and experiences to many community based non-profits organizations. Thousands of Minnesota's youth and residents have looked up to Robyne, finding inspiration in her words, efforts and success as one of Fox 9 News’ top television anchors. So why then, would Robyne step out of this spotlight and leave her role as highly coveted news anchor? Will her move negatively influence the thousands of young girls who aspire to be like Ms. Robinson?

Of course not; thousands of young women dream of being on television. Whether it’s reporting the news or making the news they wish to be seen, heard and understood by masses. From actors to news anchors our youth’s vision of the future has been skewed by the glamour, fame and fortune television has to offer. Robyne Robinson obtained this dream, and all it entailed, prior to resigning at a time that many would seek to take their careers to the next level.  Her actions, though misunderstood by some, prove that life is about more than one’s own goals, dreams and aspirations.  

Reporting the news for more than two decades has offered many experiences to Ms. Robinson, however, her role as news anchor impacts the communities she serves in few ways. The news is meant to inform, educate and entertain its viewers. As Lieutenant Governor Ms. Robinson will be able to not only inform and educate her constituents, but inspire change, growth and achievement as well. Far from her role as television news anchor, Robyne will be able to reach out to community leaders and residents, actively participate in their plights and and become a 'voice' for Minnesota residents and communities.
As today’s youth search desperately for any type of influential character to guide them, Ms. Robinson’s good influence has taken a turn for the better. Once viewed as an intelligent, beautiful news anchor, Ms. Robinson will now be viewed as the intelligent beauty whose zest for life, change and achievement helped her take a leap and help inspire the youth, change the communities and transform good influence into great influence. 
Cheers to being fearless, good luck Ms. Robinson! 
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Read more about DeSeandra Sheppheard

Posted by: DeSeandra Sheppheard Updated: May 25, 2010 - 1:31 PM

Local writer, entrepreneur and college student, DeSeandra Sheppheard has become well known for her interesting, yet educational writing style. After being hired as Head Columnist for inBox Magazine Twin Cities in 2007 , Sheppheard began actively pursuing a career as a local Entertainment Writer and Minneapolis Socialite. In 2010 she took her writing career to the next level by attaining an “Editor-at-Large” position for inBox Magazine Twin Cities.

Shortly thereafter, Sheppheard signed editorial deals with Hip Hop lifestyle site and (locally owned) MaXXposure Marketing Group. During her career, she has written various articles, biographies, editorials, and reviews for entrepreneurs and websites throughout Minnesota.

Never one to place herself in a box, Sheppheard has researched and written about various topics, people, places and businesses. Being born and raised in Saint Paul, Sheppheard has been able to gain and maintain knowledge of various people, places and entities that make St. Paul/Minneapolis a great place to live, work and play.

Her extensive research on various subjects including Minneapolis fashion, music, entertainment and business only furthered her knowledge and interest for ‘all things Twin Cities’. After graduating from Saint Paul College, she went on to pursue her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Resource Management at Metropolitan State University and began working as a Human Resources Generalist for a local non-profit organization. While furthering her education, Sheppheard expanded her writing capabilities by penning the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual for the organization she works for, a task usually completed by top Executives and Strategic Managers.

Though flexing her business writing skills was a great accomplishment, she realized her passion remained in the urban Twin Cities’ lifestyle and set out to pursue yet another goal: becoming the “voice” of the Twin Cities’ urban youth through her Your Voices blog with The Star Tribune.



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