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Continued: Lakeville native at musical turning point

  • Article by: LIALA HELAL , Star Tribune
  • Last update: August 6, 2013 - 4:06 PM

A: Honestly, it’s all about the connection for me. When people tell me one of my songs helped them through something in their life, whether it was dealing with the negative or taking advantage of the positive, I get overwhelmed with purpose and wholeness. I just want to bring as much love into this world as possible, and so far, music’s been the best way for me to do that.


Q: What had you tried before the deal with Warren Huart to advance your music career?

A: So many people are trying to make careers as singer and songwriters, and I knew I had to do something different to separate myself from the clutter. I set a goal for myself and didn’t let myself settle; I worked as hard as I could and connected with as many people as possible. Instead of grabbing the first opportunity that came along, I focused on honing my skills as a songwriter. I knew I wanted to launch my first record from a respected platform in the industry, and Warren is definitely respected.


Q: As a relatively unknown artist at the moment, what are some things about you that make you stand out from other musicians or artists?

A: I try to write songs that haven’t been written before. Even if I’m expressing a not-so-original message, I try to find a fresh way to say it. My lyrics are often story-based — I guess that’s my way of trying to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell.’ I think I’m more positive than most artists; I tend to find the silver lining pretty easily. I also love putting twists at the end my songs — it’s kind of an ongoing trend I’ve noticed in myself.


Q: Having been born and raised in Minnesota, has that impacted your music career in any way?

A: I love Minnesota. I would say the biggest way it’s influenced me is all the talent I’m surrounded by. The local music scene is so inspiring; Minnesota has everything! Local singer and songwriters like Savannah Smith and Austin Plaine motivate me every day. Our hip-hop and folk scenes are pretty crazy too. There’s so much love for the arts around our beautiful state — I just love it. I recently wrote a song about my love for Minnesota and Minneapolis called “Belong Here.”


Q: What kind of personal characteristics and what kind of work has it taken to get to where you are today?

A: Perseverance, creativity and confidence. I’ve had to believe in myself more than anything. I’ve been rejected a ton and will be rejected a ton more in the future, but I won’t let it discourage me. That’s the only reason I’ve come this far: I haven’t given up. I can’t.


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