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Amuse your dogs remotely

Nothing interesting on the internet this week, if you're not bent on elevating "Lemonade" to the status of Beethoven's 9th. . BuzzFeed, usually a dependable source of drivel and tripe, was reduced to "What Type Of Grilled Cheese Are You?" - the answer to which should be "the dead kind" in every example, because you could not survive the agonizing process of melting and grilling.

Well, there's this: The art of the North Korean subway system.

Pyongyang Metro is surely one of the most mysterious, yet beautiful transit systems on earth, each station uniquely themed in ultra-nationalism, parading North Korea’s revolutionary goals and achievements to impressionable commuters.

I'm not sure "impressionable" is the right word. It's not as though the iconography is trying to persuade anyone of anything. Everything just reinforces omnipresent TRUTH. It's an interesting gallery, because you might not have seen extensive photos of their underground. It's also depressing, in the way most photoshoots of North Korea are depressing. The monumental dead emptiness of everything. On a larger scale, there's news:

Supernova explosions continue to shower Earth with cosmic rays or radioactive debris, according to a new study, bolstering beliefs that supernovas have previously affected our own planet.

Given the distances and the tiny size of planets, it's amazing anything hits us. Yes, I know, gravity, but it seems as likely as throwing a grain of sand towards North Dakota and hits a golf ball in mid-flight.

TECH This quote shouldn't be surprising: "Talking to other dog owners, we realized there were no good ways for pet owners to interact with their pets remotely." That's because "remote interaction" with pets is a broken concept. If they can't smell you, you're not there.

Altogether now: dee de dee de

Cue the bongos and the twangy guitar:

Great news for Twilight Zone fans: an interactive reboot is coming to CBS, and BioShock designer Ken Levine has signed on to write and direct the pilot. The Wrap revealed Monday that digital video company Interlude had paired with the television network to update the series with a very special twist. Instead of presenting viewers with regular linear plotlines, the new series will let the audience choose how episodes play out by interacting with the story at home.

Awww, do I have to interact with it? Sometimes you just feel like watching TV and letting it do all the work.

This was inevitable: ""As with all other Interlude videos, viewers can return repeatedly and have a different viewing experience each time.” It might be more compelling if the show forced you to live with your choices, and didn't have an undo button. You'd be left to imagine how things might have turned out if you hadn't accepted the invitation from the crazy millionaire to tour his fallout shelter.

By the way: I just described a typical Twilight Zone ep. It has an actor you remember from something else - in this case, Joseph Wiseman, notable as Dr. No and the godfather-type in "Crime Story." The plot is ur-60s - why, nuclear dread? You're soaking in it. The story is a one-trick premise that requires the characters to be one-note archetypes. Most important: it's saturated with Serling's misanthropy. Without that, it's just an anthology show.

Real question: why not hire Ken Levine to write a TV show about . . . you know, Bioshock?

Unrelated, mostly: Andrew Dice Clay, the most reviled comedian of the 80s, was in "Crime Story," and he was really, really good. But he could never shake the role of the Joisey brute who told obscene nursery rhymes, and I suppose that's no one's fault but his own.

VotD Augmented reality will make the old-style reality just dull. Ready? Magic Leap says "Welcome to a new way to start your day. Shot directly through Magic Leap technology on April 8, 2016 without use of special effects or compositing.

If so, then oy: only took a few years for movie FX to be real. Where do we preorder?