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State Fair Challenge: Difficulty Level "Insane"

We'll start with some easy ones. 

One of the oldest booths on the Fairgrounds, by the way. I have the horrible feeling it will be replaced in a few years with something shiny and chrome-trimmed with big professional signs.


Hint: an anthropomorphic representative of a beloved foodstuff, rendered in tree form. I know, I know, I just gave it away.

Yesterday's entry:

Those are the hands of the dog that grasp the Poncho dog. You'll note how the colors are rendered with little dogs - well, here comes something from another booth.

I don't expect anyone to get the name of the booth, but you might guess what the foodstuff is. Or you can just say "that's interesting, I had no idea. Never got down and squatted in front of a food booth with a macro lens."

State Fair Challenge: What is this?

Now it gets tougher. Tomorrow will be impossible; this isn't impossible.

As for yesterday's detail . . . 

. . . the next words are A FOOT LONG. I've always wondered if someone sued, because the Foot Long hot dog . . . wasn't.

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