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Eurotic City

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: March 30, 2010 - 12:03 PM

Prince has to pay $2.2 million euros to Irish concert promoters, who claim he failed to perform a series of concerts dressed in green, playing Lucky the Erotic Leprechaun. (Just kidding. I can make fun of his height because we’re the same size.) It’s a peculiar story: according to reports, “the singer has blamed his agents for booking the event without permission.” It’s possible, I suppose:

“Hey, Prince! How are things? Good, good. What do you mean, why did I call? An agent has to have a reason? He can’t just call up and say how are things? But say listen, as long as I got you here, we signed you up to play Ireland.”

No, I can’t see it. The story also says: the agents “argue the star cancelled the gig and gave ‘no reason of substance’ for deciding to pull out.” Now the story has more details:

During last month's court hearing, William Morris agent  Marc Geiger testified that he rarely spoke to Prince directly and found  him one of his toughest clients to understand or nail down.


Geiger said he told Prince of the fury that the singer  was causing MCD owner Denis Desmond during a rare face-to-face meeting  in Los Angeles on June 3, 2008. He quoted Prince as replying, "Tell the cat to chill. We will work something out."

There aren’t many people who could get away with that line. I don’t think anyone has referred to someone as a “cat” since 1974. (International slang bylaws require that only musicians can call anyone a “cat,” incidentally.) You try it: someone says your boss wants to see you, you tell the cat to chill. No, you have to be Prince to pull it off.

The cat obviously did not chill, so Prince is on the hook for millions. Seems a waste; Prince could satisfy his fans by showing up and jamming for three hours, and made a million dollars an hour. Given his recent tax troubles, you wonder where he’ll come up with the money. Promotional appearances on the Lucky Charms box can only pay so much.



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