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Mt. Rushmore protest quiz contest

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: August 18, 2009 - 10:56 AM

 How did I miss this? Protestors defaced Mount Rushmore, thereby changing zero (0) minds and annoying people who’d come far and wide to see the heads. We have a picture:



Well,  no. We wouldn’t do that; it would be wrong. If it was legal it would still be wrong, and useless: no one’s going to gaze upon the giant head of Snowy the Strib Weather Mascot and find themselves seized with a desire to check our website. So it is with banners expressing one cause or the other, unfurled to shock the squares. 


Here’s a quiz: if you recognize the picture above, then you can explain this extreeeeme close-up of a frame from the very same movie. You can either give the real explanation or contrive your own. By the way, Bruce Gordon, former KSTP radio guy and now Minnesota Department of Transportation spokeshuman, swears he was at Rushmore when they filmed this sequence, but he wasn’t that kid. Uh huh. 




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