This blog covers everything except sports and gardening, unless we find a really good link about using dead professional bowlers for mulch. The author is a StarTribune columnist, has been passing off fiction and hyperbole as insight since 1997, has run his own website since the Jurassic era of AOL, and was online when today’s college sophomores were a year away from being born. So get off his lawn.

Posts about Holiday shopping

The most horrifying picture you will behold today

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: August 3, 2009 - 11:33 AM

 This picture was taken on Saturday, August 1st. Which means this display went up in July. 




Next month, Santa

In the name of Mary Shelley, what is the point of this? Halloween is three months away. Has anyone ever, ever been unable to buy as much Halloween candy as they want or need on the very day of the holiday? To say nothing of the week after? 



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