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Shakespeare via Twitter

Posted by: James Lileks Updated: April 15, 2010 - 9:58 AM

I have no problem with this, really:

Juliet, played by actress Charlotte Wakefield, is just turning 16 and wonders whether she should have a birthday party to celebrate. She posts a video on YouTube showing viewers a typical teenager's bedroom.


Her Twitter name is @julietcap16 while Romeo's entry into the messaging world comes later as "he is too busy on his Xbox."


"We have no real idea of what the next five weeks will bring, but we are holding onto our seatbelts," said Charles Hunter from (mobile telephone entertainment company) Mudlark


Michael Boyd, artistic director of the RSC, added: "Our ambition is always to connect people with Shakespeare and bring actors and audiences closer together.


It won’t have the language of Shakespeare, of course; if it’s played out in text-speak it will be ghastly. You could boil the whole plot down to POS, really. But what will the usual scolds say when the play ends and the kids kill themselves? If this didn’t have Shakespeare’s imprimatur, it would have been nixed before anyone registered the youtube user name. 



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