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With Vikings' win, Metro Transit will collect on bet with New Orleans Regional Transit

The "Miracle in Minneapolis" catch by Stefan Digs that gave the Vikings an improbable win over the New Orleans Saints Sunday also was a win for Metro Transit.

The agency won a bet with the New Orleans Regional Transit Agency after the Vikings' wide receiver scored on a 61-yard touchdown with no time left on the clock to push the Vikings to a 29-24 win and send team to the NFC Championship game next Sunday in Philadelphia.

  Last week the two transit agencies entered into a friendly wager on Sunday's Divisional Playoff game between the two teams at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The bet: The transit agency's whose team lost agreed to change its cover photos on Facebook and Twitter and show transit vehicles of the other.

Naturally, a little trash talking took place before kickoff

With that dramatic 29-24 Vikings win, looks like the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority will be featuring images of Metro Transit buses for a day.

And you can bet Vikings fans will be checking up on NORTA.

And so will Metro Transit

Some locals were wondering where Metro Transit's allegiance really was. On Saturday Tony Johnson spotted a bus rolling through northeast Minneapolis with the overhead sign reading "Go Saints."

This was the day before the big win, but Metro Transit said it was an unfortunate time to be promoting the St. Paul Saints baseball team. A driver apparently hit a wrong code and displayed what appeared to be support for the visiting team from New Orleans.

Alas, a Metro Transit spokesman said the agency is firmly behind the Vikings.

Super Bowl-themed light-rail cars begin rolling this weekend

Photo: Metro Transit

Pick up games are not allowed on board, but riders who board Metro Transit's new football-themed light-rail train may feel like tossing the ball around.

In a first for Metro Transit, the agency has wrapped the interior of three light-rail vehicles to make it feel like riders are on a football field. It's all for the Super Bowl, of course, but there is a message to go with the decorations.

"We've Got Your Playbook for Super Bowl," part of the display says. Along with images of grass, a football team and cheering fans, the idea is to remind riders that Metro Transit is a good option to get around during the 10 days of Super Bowl festivities, and point riders to agency's website, app and customer service line, places where riders can get transit information, said spokesman Howie Padilla.

People have fun with our holiday trains and take pictures and post them on social media," Padilla said. He hopes they will do the same with the football train.