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Trucks, buses ignoring ban cause damage in Lowry Tunnel

Photo: MnDOT

Drivers of semitrailer trucks, over-the-road buses, delivery trucks and vehicles weighing more than 9,000 pounds have apparently missed the memo about staying out of the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

Since Sunday when the Minnesota Department of Transportation reconfigured the lanes inside the tube by putting all traffic on one side and slimmed traffic lanes to 10 feet wide, large vehicles have been banned from driving through. Yet, a few trucks an hour have passed through, said David Aeikens, a MnDOT spokesman.

On Tuesday, a truck struck overhead lighting and damaged electrical equipment, leading to a 90-minute shut down of the right lane, Aeikens said.

"It's a combination of truckers not knowing or not caring," Aeikens said. "There is limited clearance, risk to the safety of other vehicles. They need to stay out of there."

There was also danger to crews dispatched to fix the damage. "Additional trucks went through, striking nearby cones and almost hitting crews," Aeikens said.

The State Patrol cited those drivers with a $300 ticket, Aeikens said.

"It's been a big problem," said Tiffani Nielson of the State Patrol. 

Additionally troopers have handed out 67 tickets to drivers for speeding. The speed limit inside the tunnel is 40 miles per hour.

MnDOT sent letters and postcards to trucking associations to alert drivers of the ban and that large vehicles should follow the posted detours directing them to use I-35W, Crosstown, Hwy. 100 and I-694.

In recent days, MnDOT officials have fanned out to rest areas to hand out additional post cards to truck drivers and mailed cards to businesses with delivery fleets to remind them not to drive through the tunnel. It's also reviewing its signage along freeways to see if there is more that can be communicated to keep trucks and large vehicles out.

Extra State Troopers also are being sent to the area to enforce the ban, Aeikens said.

New traffic configuration in place on I-94 in east metro

Motorists on I-94 in the east metro will notice that new lane configurations are now in place between Mounds Boulevard and Century Avenue.

Overnight, MnDOT reduced eastbound I-94 to two lanes with the far left lane designed to carry through traffic and the far right lane to carry traffic exiting to local streets. It's an arrangement similar to one MnDOT is using in the north metro on I-694 in Shoreview.

The new configuration on I-94 was put into place Wednesday night because crews finished paving all the westbound I-94 lanes a little ahead of schedule. Crews will now go to work resurfacing the eastbound lanes.

The new arrangement will be in place until August, MnDOT says.