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Dynasty of tiny mayors in the making in Dorset as 3-year-old runs

James and Robert Tufts. Photo credit: WCCO

There's a dynasty of mini-mayors in the making in Dorset, Minn.

Bobby Tufts, the 6-year-old former mayor of Dorset, has endorsed his 3-year-old brother James to succeed him. Young James made his first major media appearance Monday evening on WCCO-TV, where he pledged to run on a pro-ice cream platform.

Mayors of Dorset, an unincorporated community of about 25 in Henrietta County, wield no power, have no official duties, earn no salary and are elected in a tongue-in-cheek ballot at the annual Taste of Dorset festival

A similar festival-based election system resulted in a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees named Duke becoming mayor of Cormorant, Minn., last year.

Bobby Tufts won election twice, at ages 3 and 4, before losing his bid for a third term to a 16-year-old challenger last summer. At age 5, he became Minnesota's youngest ex-mayor.

"It was fun, but it's time to pass on the vote," Bobby told The Associated Press last year.

This year, the office of mayor could pass to James, who donned a newsboy cap and headed out to gladhandle the crowds, with a WCCO camera crew in tow.

If elected, James pledged to "eat ice cream all day."

Taste of Dorset festival-goers pay $1 per ballot and can vote as often as they like, with all the proceeds go to support the festival. The mayoral "election" will be held Sunday, Aug. 2.

Photo credit: WCCO-TV

How much did it cost Willmar to part ways with city administrator?

How much did it cost Willmar to part ways with former city administrator Charlene Stevens?

Today's story about the effort to recall a city council member that voted for that separation agreement highlighted a few numbers from that document. The city just passed along more complete figures. Here are the line items:

  • * lump sum payment worth six months salary: $59,375
  • * payment for accrued and unused sick and vacation time: $31,950
  • * transition expenses: $5,000
  • * attorney's fees: $2,500
  • * payment for disputed claims: $50,000

That comes to about $148,800.

The agreement also provides insurance benefits for up to a year.      

Willmar Separation Agreement