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8:20 a.m. update: Motorcyclist down on Hwy. 280

Posted by: Tim Harlow Updated: August 7, 2014 - 8:23 AM

A motorcyclist lost it on the ramp from Energy Park Drive to northbound Hwy. 280. The bike is still there but the driver has wandered off. 

Northbound Hwy. 100 has gone sour from Excelsior Blvd. to 394. Plan on a 5 minute set back there.

Our slow traffic spots include westbound 94 from White Bear Avenue over to 35E, eastbound 494 from Hwy. 212 to Hwy. 100 and northbound 35W from County 42 to the Crosstown.

Southbound 35E suffers from Little Canada Road to University Avenue while eastbound 212 has pockets of congestion from Powers Blvd. over to Prairie Center Drive.

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