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73 minutes of rotating chicken carcass

Posted by: James Lileks under Gripes Updated: April 1, 2014 - 12:20 PM

This year’s online prank-crop seems a bit thin. Fine. Liked this one, though.

A round up of other pranks and things that are not true and hence perhaps are funny, can be found here.

LISTICLE They might as well call this “67 CONSECUTIVE SENTENCES YOU WIL SKIM."   Do you have time for this?

Can you imagine caring what #59 might be? No? I’ll take a look. But first, here’s how it starts:

1. There is no way I am going to survive today without Starbucks.

2. I’ll leave for work a little early, that way I can grab a cup of coffee.

3. I pass, like, six Starbucks on my way to the office, but I’ll go to the one I always go to.

Yes, add this one to that other listicle, “15,443 Times a Buzzfeed Writer Failed to Capture your imagination. Here’s #59:

59. Ugh, they did not put in enough milk. I guess I’ll have to put my own in.

The same page also has “67 Thoughts Everyone Has While Doing Yoga.” Same thing. Banal observations illustrated by GIFs. Here’s #59:

59. Why was I so against nap time as a kid? This is brilliant!

Eventually BuzzFeed will have 67 examples of “67 Things” and then we can mix them all up into something that’s both obvious and incomprehensible.

0401 Couldn’t embed this at the top, because the iframe tag gives the blog platform an aneurism. For April Fool’s Day, Netflix is playing a movie that consists entirely of a roasting chicken.


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